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Lady takes photo of Ufo over Abercynon wales UK

A lady comes forward with a interesting story and a photo of a ufo over Abercynon in Wales in 2004:

Extract article form wales online :
When Cardiff UFO chaser Jane McCarthy took photographs near Abercynon in 2004, she thought she'd snapped nothing more than the view across the Valley town.

But closer inspection revealed she saw something she believes is out of this world.
The 56-year-old and her husband Chris had taken a day off work and had headed up to the beauty spot hoping to spot UFOs. The only craft they saw was an unmarked black helicopter.

"It's like we knew something was happening", she said.

"There are two areas we went to. One is in Pontypridd overlooking Devil's Tooth, the other is Devil's Tooth itself.

"When we took photographs of Devil's Tooth, there was a UFO in the photographs overlooking Abercynon village."

Jane describes the object as "looking like a tanker", "huge", "with tubes coming out of it".

More recently the couple spotted an object over the sky above Dublin.

"We went to a conference in Ireland. We were coming out of Dublin on the dual carriageway and up in the sky was a helicopter chasing about eight spheres.

"We though it was a stunt. Then all of a sudden one sphere flew off and we thought, that's not normal."

Read more at source

Battle: Los Angeles Trailer - some media leaks

Quite a few leaks including a pre-trailer and the posters came out this week in anticipation for the release date for the upcoming Ufo blockbuster of 2011 - The Battle: Los angeles. As you all may know the Battle of Los Angeles is actually based on the true story of  real events that rocked LA back in 1942 . You can browse some posts which i have written about  it over the years here.

Of interest is The movies  official site  - aptly named  It includes alot of legitimate facts, witness reports, interviews with Bill Barns from Ufo hunters and evidence supporting the movies theme. The weaving of fact with fiction works well for these hollywood movies as it draws in extra attention. Im sensing alot of  hollywood hype surrounding the movie so brace yourself for some off the topic sensationalism, sex, violence and CGI's.. but i mean who cares?,  this story deserves as much attention as it can get, considering its significance.

A 2 second (literally) snippet from trailer came out last week at Comic-con .. :

The posters are out - but whats the message  here ? - click to enlarge:

Checkout this cool CGI pic from the battle recreation scene:
Battle: Los Angeles

Ohh and for all the lost fans it features  michelle rodriguez :
Michelle Rodriguez - Battle LA Movie

Im eagerly awaiting the release date ..
Check out more at the movie's official site  

The alien night crawler on SyFy's new Fact or Faked - what was it ?

They try to re-create an alien night crawler during their investigation but can't.. so what was it?...

Checkout the preview here from the upcoming new Syfy paranormal series called Fact-or-Faked, keep an eye out for the show on cable. You can also view the full shows direct from their website here.

Also, If anyone has any interesting footage which they think could be a good feature of the show, please upload it direct to them here. If you have any topics of request on any areas you would like them to feature in the next series please leave them as a reply to this post with your suggestions and i will pass it directly to them.

Trailer for the series - Fact or Faked ?
The series is headed up by Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent with a life-long fascination with the paranormal, who along with a team of intrepid investigators, dissect the latest unusual images and decide whether they merit further investigation.

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New study identifies genuine crop circles from 2009 + your votes

Ok so the poll hasn't finished but the overwhelming response from our readers so far is that yes we should keep posting all the crop circle reports... so obviously they do still have a place on this site.

Taking up your suggestions, i will be more suspicious of the circle reports before i post them and try to include as many detailed photos and facts (rather than opinions) to enable you to make a more informed decision on the circles authenticity.

My post did stir up of feedback from people and i do appreciate your honest opinions .

Surprising, Nancy Talbot who heads BLT Research (a team in the US who scientifically investigate crop circles from around the world)  responded to my post as well and suggested that our readers take a close look at the new findings from BLT's study on Crop circles from the 2009 season.

Its a very interesting study indepth study indeed.  Samples were taken from well known crop circles in 2009 and these were compared to controls looking for numerous differences .

Nancy reminds us that genuine crop circles are created by plasmas (which may be the balls of light people see in the fields) and that when these plasmas create crop circles there are numerous characteristics which can then be identified from the crops.

After going through the study you can see on page 3 of the conclusions of the report that it gives a list of which circles may be plasma created (genuine) and not (likely hoaxes) from the 2009 season.

I don't want to ruin it so i suggest you again browse the report here yourself.

Nancy reminds us that when it comes to crop circles we need to look at the facts - there are four scientifically documented plant changes which are hallmarks of genuine circles :

1.elongation or stretching of the apical nodes (the first node beneath the seed-head), as compared to the control nodes.

2. expulsion cavities (holes blown out at the nodes, usually found in the 2nd and/or 3rd nodes beneath the seed-head), as compared to control plants at various distances away from the formation, (but not along the tramlines).

3.distinct bending of the plant stems at the nodes,
which can occur at any or all of the nodes -

4.inhibited seed-head development,
which is usually only apparent in crop formations which have occurred fairly early in the season but are being examined at least 3-4 weeks later

Expolsion cavities: Like pop corn which bursts with extreme heat in a  microwave - the nodes or joints in genuine crop circle also shown as blown. Some type of intense heat is causing this .. a prime characteristic of a genuine circle:

Nancy  - genuine crop circle characteristics - National Geographic:

BLT's findings and research is often overlooked when it comes to many crop circle skeptics (Like Yahoo's rantings form last month). If they looked at the facts they would know better. There is much resistance in the media to talk about BLT's findings  because it brings the whole crop circle topic back into the relms of scientific study (rather than pseudoscience) and it is this spotlight that undermines the objectives of disinformation.

I highly endorse BLT's research and we need to support and encourage their work.

NASA photographs fast solar explosion from the sun

The fastest solar eruption in years was photographed from the sun at more than 2.2 million mph by two NASA spacecraft:
On August 1st, the entire Earth-facing side of the sun erupted in a tumult of activity. There was a C3-class solar flare, a solar tsunami, multiple filaments of magnetism lifting off the stellar surface, large-scale shaking of the solar corona, radio bursts, a coronal mass ejection and more. This extreme ultraviolet snapshot from the Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the sun's northern hemisphere in mid-eruption:

Different colors in the image represent different gas temperatures ranging from ~1 to 2 million degrees K. Watch the movie. Some parts of the sun heat up during the eruption, other parts cool down. These are priceless data for solar physicists working to understand the inner workings of solar storms."
Source -
Northern lights report: People in norway and and northern hemisphere are reporting consistent bright northern lights but so far damage to satellites is minimal:

New Uk Mod files - 'near miss' between plane & Ufo at Manchester Airport

I have written about danger that Ufos pose to modern passenger aircraft and again it looks like this is brought up in the recent Uk Mod files release today:

Extract from BBC:
A 'near miss' between a passenger plane and a UFO near Manchester Airport is included in a number of secret files released by the government.

The close encounter was officially reported by the flight crew of a Boeing 737 back in January 1995.

The pilot and first officer of the plane described seeing a large grey object fly so close past the plane it made them duck.

" I saw a lighted object fly down the right hand side of the aircraft at high speed in the opposite direction " - BA pilot

What makes this particular incident interesting is the credibility of the witnesses: the pilot and first officer of a British Airways aircraft who reported it as an 'air miss'.

The pilot described seeing a 'lighted object fly down the right hand side of the aircraft at high speed in the opposite direction.'

Article Source BBC sketches & read more

Further new report on the UK Mod:

Nick pope talks about the Winston Churchill Ufo Cover up from todays new Uk Mod file release

Nick pope talks about the new Mod file release today and the implications from the revealing file on the Winston Churchill Ufo coverup :

Note you may wish to discuss this important new piece further at our Partner Forum

Also you can click here  to view the newly released August Files here for yourself. They are an extremely interesting read if you have the time.

"The files contain a wide range of UFO-related documents, drawings, letters and parliamentary questions covering the years 1995-2003. 
Discover which part of the country had the most reported UFO sightings and find out more about the terror attack foretold in a dream, mysterious objects tracked by radar and the 100-1 bet on alien life".

The new Uk Mod files and the Winston Churchill UFO coverup

Huge Breaking Ufo news here in the UK :
A story found in the newly declassified Ministry of Defence UFO files claims that Winston Churchill suppressed details of UFO activity to prevent mass panic. The claim were made by a scientist who said his grandfather was one of Churchill's bodyguards.
Note - this story is so big its the front story in todays media in the UK:
Sky News:

Nick popes response on ITN:

Churchill and Eisenhower 'agreed to cover up RAF plane's UFO encounter during WWII'

This highly important find was released by new files from UK ministry of defence today. It has major implications for the US and the UK, implying their leaders actively covered up the UFO subject:

BBC extract:
The government took the threat of UFOs so seriously in the 1950s that UK intelligence chiefs met to discuss the issue, newly-released files show.

Ministers even went on to commission weekly reports on UFO sightings from a committee of intelligence experts.

The papers also include a wartime account claiming prime minister
Winston Churchill ordered a UFO sighting be kept secret to prevent "mass panic".

It is claimed, the prime minister was so concerned about a reported encounter between a UFO and RAF bombers, that he ordered it be kept secret for at least 50 years to prevent "mass panic".

Nick Pope, who used to investigate UFO sightings for the MoD, said: "The interesting thing is that most of the UFO files from that period have been destroyed.

"But what happened is that a scientist whose grandfather was one of his [Churchill's] bodyguards, said look, Churchill and Eisenhower got together to cover up this phenomenal UFO sighting, that was witnessed by an RAF crew on their way back from a bombing raid.

This event should be immediately classified since it would create mass panic amongst the general population and destroy one's belief in the church.

Continue reading source -BBC:

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No More fake Crop Circles - Your vote needed

Hi there,

I've noticed so many crop circle posts are getting bad ratings on the site. We pay close attention to your comments at RealUfos and from the feedback obviously some thing needs to change.

The main premise of realUfos is to post the most genuine Ufo videos, news and related media so you can make an informed decision on the topic. We decided to leave the fakes to the large majority of sites out their that continue to post alot of garbage simply because it gets hits - and this is not what RealUfos is (and never will be) about.

I do agree with people's concerns that the majority of these new complex formations may be the work of a team of smart people using GPS devices, i've seen how this is possible and it only takes a notebook, GPS and 3 people over a few hours to achieve a simple formation. To be honest there are people who profit from selling crop circle media and it brings business to Wiltshire with all the tours . (I should know i was in Wiltshire a month ago for one of these tours myself!).

Sadly the 10% of the genuine circles may be ignored. If Et's are infact conveying messages via crop circles for all humanity than this is highly important , we need to interpret and discuss them in this case and they can not be ignored. So it's a shame the hoaxes are clouding this message. Maybe we should review our crop circle posts further to remove the more suspicious ones? .. Either way it seems like many people are still interested in crop circles so i am at a loss what to do and require input on this from you all. ...

So this is where you come in. 

To help RealUfos make a decision on whether crop circle posts belong on the site please vote  using the poll on the right of the site >>

Be honest
Leave your votes and let realUfos know your thoughts on crop circles.

You are also welcome to leave your suggestions as a reply to this post.

Keep your eyes to the Skies

Recent sunspot so big you can actually see it from earth !

Check this video out ! The sun's recent sunspot (cause by a recent CME - Coronal Mass Ejection on the 1st and 2nd of August) was so big its now visible from earth. To see something like this from earth means its huge ... much bigger than earth infact. This is very worrying - as this recent CME is only 'tip of the iceberg' as we approach the start of the current solar maximus period, which is meant to reach its peak in 2013.
 August 2, 2010 -check out the start of the vidoe

Guy films it again the next day,  - go to 2.06 on the video August 3, 2010 :

This object was filmed in front of the sun at sunset on August 3, 2010 and also on August 2, 2010

Cross crop circle lurkeley hill nr east kennett wiltshire 03.08.2010

Everyone is giving this a bad rating...  Should i stop posting some of these crop circles?... obvious fakes?
My personal opinion is that at least 90% of these circles are fakes created and worked out by people using GPS devices.. people who have an interest in selling crop circle media.. Infact i would prefer not posting the majority of them because of this, but most people still want to see them.
I would really like your feedback here... obviously people don't like this for a reason?
A Crop circle appeared with a cross like shape at Lurkeley Hill, nr East Kennett, Wiltshire on the 3rd August 2010:

Images John Montgomery - Crop Circle Connector

More to come from the sun over the coming days - Geomagnetic storms & northern lights

More news in about the effects from that large solar flare from the sun the other day:

The solar storm of August 1st sent two CMEs toward Earth. The first one arrived yesterday, August 3rd, sparking mild but beautiful Northern Lights over Europe and North America (see below). 
The second CME is still en route. NOAA forecasters estimate a 35% chance of major geomagnetic storms when the cloud arrives on August 4th or 5th.

Amazing North lights show off August 4 - many people report the northern lights were at their highest yesterday as a result of the solar effects playing with out magnetosphere:
Photos - the Aurora Borealis at Telemark - Aug. 04, 2010

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

US Airforce admits back in 1952 20% of Ufo reports are credible

This is old news for some .. but I don't want anyone to forget this important Ufo case, thus why i am re-visiting it with this post.
An interesting Admission from the US Airforce back from 1952 in which they admit 20% Ufo sightings can not be discounted for. This press release was an unprecdented response to the famous 1952 Ufo fleet that flew over washington and scared the hell out of the US government. Sadly, (or conveniently) many people seem to have forgotten about this important Ufo event and so i highly suggest  you read up on this case if you haven't already.
Listen up people:

Major General John A. Samford, Director of Intelligence for Headquarters, Air Force, to make the following comment during a Press conference in Room 3E-369 of the Pentagon, July 29, 1952:

 "However, there have remained a percentage of this total [of all UFO reports received by the Air Force], about 20 per cent of the reports, that have come from credible observers of relatively incredible things. We keep on being concerned about them."

Following the Unidentified Flying Objects over Washington D.C. A few nights of intense activity over Washington, D.C. On July 19/20, July 26/27 the skies above the nation's capital were crowded with UFOs darting here and there, over the White House, over the Capitol Building, over the Pentagon. Tracked on radar and visual sightings from the ground. Jet fighters was also scrambled to investigate the UFOs, the jets were outclassed by the speed of the objects. The sightings continued 3 days after this press conference on the nights of August 2/3 - With no real answers from the Government to the mystery. continue reading up on it here.

Was this case an example of how the US mucked up first contact back in 1952 ? 
Ufologist argue the 1952 incident was a response by ET's to engage first contact triggered by both the 1947 Roswell incident and concerns about nuclear weapons testing and proliferation in the early 40's in preparation for WWII. You comments appreciated on this theory.

When skeptics often respond with the common line :"well if Ets and Ufos are real then Why don't they just land at the whitehouse" . Well you can point them to this post and respond with  "well they infact tried to back in 1952 but our armed fighter jets scared them away"...

Note the date on this article July 22 1952:

Note: Unlike other photos on the web this image is not part of a photo from a CGi recreation of the event - it is infact a real Photo of triangular formation UFO fleets seen directly over the whitehouse in 1952 - photo taken by the washington Post.

Another day another crop circle - 3rd August, 2010 Whitefield Hill nr Woodsend Wiltshire, UK.

Yet another new crop circle in today the star at Whitefield Hill, nr Woodsend,
Wiltshire. Reported 3rd August.
Images from CropCircleConnector

Images source - CropCircle

Looking into meaning of this circle:

Colin Andrews talks on Veritas - Crop Circles & 2012

One of my favorite speakers - the man who coined the term "Crop Circles" (in the early 80's), the grandfather of crop circle research, Colin Andrews is back from a five-year public retreat.
During this fully show, Colin discussed the latest on crop circles; his feud with the British Royal Family; the mysterious death of two crop circle investigators, consciousness, 2012, and much more.
Aired at VeritasShow (our Player here) and see Colins's site

pt 2

Remainder of the Interview

A quick reminder if you like The Veritas show you can now Get the all Veritas Show episodes on a USB Stick .. its great for importing into itunes and conveniently listening to at your own time. I've just ordered mine today!

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Here comes the sun - NASA warns of powerful solar activity today

As expected the Sun is starting to fire up as we slowly head to the devastating solar maximus period of 2013. This new recent report is just the tip of the iceberg as we move into the solar 'season' and i dread to see what it will be like during the peak of the season in 2013:

The earth could be hit by a wave of violent space weather as early as Tuesday after a massive explosion on the sun, scientists have warned.

Astronomers from all over the world witnessed the huge flare above a giant sunspot the size of the Earth, which they linked to an even larger eruption across the surface of Sun.
The explosion, called a coronal mass ejection, was aimed directly towards Earth, which then sent a “solar tsunami” racing 93 million miles across space

Scientists have warned that a really big solar eruption could destroy satellites and wreck power and communications grids around the globe if it happened today.

“This was a very rare event – not one, but two almost simultaneous eruptions from different locations on the sun were launched toward the Earth.

"These eruptions occur when immense magnetic structures in the solar atmosphere lose their stability and can no longer be held down by the Sun's huge gravitational pull. Just like a coiled spring suddenly being released, they erupt into space.”

She added: "It looks like the first eruption was so large that it changed the magnetic fields throughout half the Sun's visible atmosphere and provided the right conditions for the second eruption.

Source - telegraph

And the News from NASA - Coronal Mass Ejection Headed for Earth:
On August 1st around 0855 UT, Earth orbiting satellites detected a C3-class solar flare. The origin of the blast was Earth-facing sunspot 1092. C-class solar flares are small (when compared to X and M-class flares) and usually have few noticeable consequences here on Earth besides aurorae. This one has spawned a coronal mass ejection heading in Earth's direction.

Coronal mass ejections (or CMEs) are large clouds of charged particles that are ejected from the Sun over the course of several hours and can carry up to ten billion tons (1016 grams) of plasma. They expand away from the Sun at speeds as high as a million miles an hour. A CME can make the 93-million-mile journey to Earth in just three to four days.

When a coronal mass ejection reaches Earth, it interacts with our planet’s magnetic field, potentially creating a geomagnetic storm. ..

The Sun goes through a regular activity cycle about 11 years long. The last solar maximum occurred in 2001 and its recent extreme solar minimum was particularly weak and long lasting. These kinds of eruptions are one of the first signs that the Sun is waking up and heading toward another solar maximum expected in the 2013 time frame. NASA source

August 2 2010 - large explosions on our unstable sun:

Day time Ufo sighting? Montana video filmed 7/27/2010

This guy stresses you watch daytime Ufo video in FullScreen mode (press the square with the 4 arrows below the vid) otherwise you'll miss what he's getting at:
Comments appreciated on this one:

Poster comments:
What i saw was a white sphere make 3 white puffs and then fly thru each one, after the third puff it started to glow silver and seemed to change. The 3 white puffs can be seen in beginning of footage as well as a picture i added

Ufo Forum reminder + updates


A Quick note to say that its a busy time at our partner Ufo forum Ufoevoloution.
If you check out the board of topics here you will see the majority of our blog posts discussed in further detail on the forum. Its a great alternative to ATS forums which many people have become disgruntled with recently!

I've trimmed the site even more to make it load just that tad faster for those browsing on Iphones and blackberry's.

Plus i have been so busy with the site recently.. Im flooded with all your Ufo emails so im updating the site like 5 times a day now to keep up..

A reminder the Ufo radio shows are all up and running on the site. If you have time they are really worth a good listen to as they provide the latest commentary & debate about recent sightings and you also hear from Ufo experts, the latest events, the paranormal, web bot predictions and gossip in the UFO the community..

If you have a radio show you think we should include in our list please let me know:
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Florida Ufo Radio Show

If your into Veritas Radio you may want to look at their amazing offer of all their episodes on USB stick.
Also i was so moved by James Fox updates on Veritas from his live reporting at the Gulf Oil Spill that i have decided to include a separate page (cause it is unrelated to Ufos) with his updates.

Eyes to the Skies (seriously!)


New crop Circle 2nd August from Winters, near Rochford in Essex UK

Latest crop circle in Monday 2nd August (today - hows that for being up-to-date!)
Circle report from Winters, near Rochford in Essex, UK:
A 500 feet pictogram next to the Cherry Tree Public House along the Stambridge Road between Rochford and Great Stambridge Image source CropcircleConnector:

UFO Activity Near Winchester UK, 31/07/10 - Puttenham Common Nature Reserve , Surrey UK

Interesting new ufo video from Puttenham Common in Surrey UK.. again multiple lights. If you live in Surrey and have seen anything like this we would like to know as wel - please respond to this post!

Posters comments:
Filmed looking out from Puttenham Common, Surrey, UK towards the Winchester direction at 10pm 31/07/10.
Note, there is a radio mast in shot to the left which has a light on top of it...this can be used as a reference point.
The first object flies into view and away quite quickly, the largest object slowly descends after nearly 10 minutes of filming!
My partner watched this through high powered binoculars and told me that there were no navigation lights to be seen...I couldn't detect any either on max zoom. The objects were different colours also.

Helicopter takes a closer look at a Ufo? Garden Grove Canada July 28, 2010.

Posters comments:
Garden Grove, ca. July 28, 2010. We observed a stationary object in the sky at about 11:30pm at 33.781537,-117.903407. After ruling out the possibility that it was a star, a plane, and helicopter, we decided to record it with my sony dsc-h20. Object seemed to be emitting colored lights in no particular pattern or order. One witness, who was with me, claimed he saw several smaller round orbs around the object itself.

At beginning of the video, we noticed a plane or helicopter flying from left to right, almost intersecting the object, and at exactly 00:04 seconds into the video, we notice a "ray" or "laser" type object appear from the top right of the object, travel towards both the object unidentified and the plane, then disappear right before it neared the object. Object did not seem to move throughout the 50+ mins of observation, eventually, however slowly going out of sight behind some trees.

Kites with LED lights or triangle Ufos Your opinions ?

The question has been raised by people are these new Videos coming in just people flying those new kites at night that have LED lights? I realised they are all for sale now under the name of "flasher kites" at toy stores. You comments appreciated on this.
Heres another one as well that just came in from washington - ?

Uploaded by tchikito. - Up-to-the minute news videos.

The linked Ufo lights over Italy Scisciano -Sicily 31st July 2010

Are we in the month of the linked lights Ufo wave? Even more coming in..
this time with some light formations over Sicily Italy:
If you witnessed these lights - please reply to this post.

Ufo seen over poland szczecin - the linked lights wave?

Whats with it with all these linked lights seen all over the world in the last few days?
Please comment if you also have seen any linked Ufo lights in your region?
These Two linked UFOs were recorded over Szczecin in Poland on Thursday, 29th July 2010 around 10 pm:

Southhampton Ufo June 2010

Ufo recorded in Southampton in UK on 10th June 2010 around 11 pm.
Note if yo have further information on this sighting please post a reply.

Witness report:
Just got back home from seeing the girlfriend about 23:00hrs. Walked into the back yard and saw this large pulsating sphere from over the garden fence whiched looked several hundreds yards away.
Seemed to move in all directions. It was a intense red colour which seem to pulsate at a high rate, between pulses was white in colour

Monday, August 02, 2010

Strange Triangle Ufo activity July 30/31 2010 Tuscan Arizona

Trying to get further information on this Ufo video. The end part of this video is very interesting - triangle Ufo here or jets? your comments appreciated

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Keep your Eyes to the Skies

Triangle Ufo in washington North Creek Park 31st July 2010

Calling everyone in North Creek Park Washington - did you also see this strange red Ufo or craft?
Note - the most recent explanation for these is kites with LED lights on it?.. do you think this could be possible as well? Comments appreciated

over North Creek park, a wildlife preserve in Washington. Silent flight, hovered about 1,000 feet or so overhead then slowly moved north till out of sight. No double rainbow!

2 lights - UFO Activity Near Winchester UK, 31/07/10 Taken From Puttenham Common, Surrey

Posers comments:

Filmed looking out from Puttenham Common, Surrey, UK towards the Winchester direction at 10pm 31/07/10.
Note, there is a radio mast in shot to the left which has a light on top of it...this can be used as a reference point.
The first object flies into view and away quite quickly, the largest object slowly descends after nearly 10 minutes of filming!
My partner watched this through high powered binoculars and told me that there were no navigation lights to be seen...I couldn't detect any either on max zoom. The objects were different colours also.

MOD Blocks Files Release on Nick Pope

Interesting new news article in the dailyStar looking at the man himself Nick Pope. Former MOD staff Nick pope worked for the Mod Investigating Ufos and then came out with what he knew in 1996. This article looks at Mod papers on Nicks actual decision to come forth with what he knew.
(Once again thanks to our readers for this submission - i have repaired the submit link after i found it not working for some time!)
The release of files about a Ministry of Defence civil servant-turned-UFO expert has been blocked.

Nick Pope has drawn on his experiences working for Britain's official UFO investigation unit for a number of books about aliens and strange sights in the skies.

Fellow UFO researcher David Clarke made a Freedom of Information request in 2007 for internal MoD documents about Mr Pope's decision to speak publicly about his conversion from sceptic to believer in the possibility that extra-terrestrials are visiting Earth.

But more than three years later, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has upheld the department's refusal to publish the files because they contain personal information.

Mr Pope worked on the MoD's UFO desk from 1991 to 1994, dealing with possible sightings sent in by the public. He published his first book about the phenomena - Open Skies, Closed Minds - in 1996, although he continued working for the MoD until November 2006.

The MoD's official line is that it has no opinion on whether or not aliens exist but 50 years of UFO reports uncovered no evidence of a potential threat to the UK.

Dr Clarke asked the department to release records of its internal discussions about how to respond when Mr Pope began talking to the media about UFOs in 1995-96.

Continue reading Source

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Listen live to online Ufo radio Shows:

Questions still remain - the Ufo sighting that closed Hangzhou's airport in China

Ok many of the media reports on this sighting which occurred back on the 7th of July were in Chinese, this one is in english and has further video footage of the sighting which shut down Hangzhou's Xiaoshan Airport.
Although the Chinese military has still not yet offered a substantial explanation for the sighting, many assume the secrecy around this sighting is primarily because it is defense related. The question is , could a missile account for report of a stationary object (as witnesses reported)  and why would the military test or fly an object over an airport (which had to be closed at the last minute as a result), was it a missile gone haywire or something else?
Ufo encounters near airports are common - remember the O'hare incident?
English Reports.. questions still remain a month later:

Double Jesus crop circle appears at Wickham Green 30th July 2010 north & south hungerford Berkshire

Crop circle news alert!!A new crop circle appeared yesterday at Wickham Green 30th July 2010 north nr hungerford Berkshire (North of M4 ) and then the exact  same circle appeared in the south!! Another first for 2010 - what does this all mean?

From cropcircle connector:
Young Madelien from the Netherlands takes her first flight in the UK to see the formation near Wickham on the south side of the M4 motorway and she discovers another sister circle to the north of the M4.  Some are seeing a religious aspect to this formation that being animage of the head of Christ. There are also links being drawn to the image in the Turin shroud.

Read more -

Image source - read more here

New revelations about the Bentwaters Ufo incident

Yet again another piece of impressive investigative journalism here from Linda Moutlon Howe at Linda investigates more airforce witnesses who were at RAF Bentwaters at the time of the 1980 Ufo incident and the information that comes out reveals just  how serious the event  was taken by the airforce at the time:
(Click here if have forgotten about this important Ufo case)

1980 RAF Bentwaters Disaster Preparedness Tech S/Sgt. Monroe Nevels Describes “Top Secret” Investigation:

“Lt. Englund told me that one of the airmen had been taken aboard the spacecraft (in Rendlesham Forest).”

For the past 30 years since December 1980, no one ever said there was a TOP SECRET investigation organized right after sunup on December 26th, by RAF Bentwaters Base Commander Col. Ted Conrad. That was the morning that Staff Sgt. James Penniston, Airman 1st Class John Burroughs and Airman Ed Cabansag encountered lights and a craft in Rendlesham Forest, England.

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Thailand Ufo news report

Im Not sure if i have posted this one a while back because there have been many Ufo reports in from Thailand recently. A news report about some objects caught on film in Thailand:
If anyone speaks thai and can provide a translation it  would be appreciated!

Your questions about crop circles ?

Ok I am in the process of putting together a list of questions for an email interview with Colin Andrews  (a leading crop circle researcher) about crop circles.
If you have any specific questions you would like to ask please put as a reply to this email and i will include with the interview.

Some common questions i have so far:

"So if crop circles are genuine, how do we explain all the newer more intracate designs that keep coming out .. aren't these done with GPS?"
"How often do people see the balls of light near crop circles"
"Have there been any messages interpreted from the genuine circles?, do people feel anything when they are in these circles"
"The tall white beings in wiltshire... whats the story going on here?... have there been further reports?"

Ohh here's a tour within the recent roundway hill crop circle: