Monday, August 02, 2010

2 lights - UFO Activity Near Winchester UK, 31/07/10 Taken From Puttenham Common, Surrey

Posers comments:

Filmed looking out from Puttenham Common, Surrey, UK towards the Winchester direction at 10pm 31/07/10.
Note, there is a radio mast in shot to the left which has a light on top of it...this can be used as a reference point.
The first object flies into view and away quite quickly, the largest object slowly descends after nearly 10 minutes of filming!
My partner watched this through high powered binoculars and told me that there were no navigation lights to be seen...I couldn't detect any either on max zoom. The objects were different colours also.
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Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews said...

I have no doubt whatsoever that the bright ("larger") light is Venus; its descent is at the right speed and it became invisible around 10 pm in the area of Guildford. It's behind the clouds, as Venus would be. It was slightly south of west at the time, which seems to be the direction faced from Puttenham Common with the radio mast at a bearing to south-west by west.

The other light looks like a conventional aircraft.

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