Thursday, August 05, 2010

Recent sunspot so big you can actually see it from earth !

Check this video out ! The sun's recent sunspot (cause by a recent CME - Coronal Mass Ejection on the 1st and 2nd of August) was so big its now visible from earth. To see something like this from earth means its huge ... much bigger than earth infact. This is very worrying - as this recent CME is only 'tip of the iceberg' as we approach the start of the current solar maximus period, which is meant to reach its peak in 2013.
 August 2, 2010 -check out the start of the vidoe

Guy films it again the next day,  - go to 2.06 on the video August 3, 2010 :

This object was filmed in front of the sun at sunset on August 3, 2010 and also on August 2, 2010 Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

I believe that object you see shoots off to the right, you can see something black shoot off as the camera zooms out after noticing the object in front of the sun. Can you please use some image software to slow the frame down. This looks very interesting.

Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews said...

Haven't you heard of sunspots?

It's apparently moving at the same rate as the sun, in the same direction. For an object between the observer and the sun to perform this feat two days running would be an amazing coincidence. It's much more likely that it is on the sun itself.

The reason it's not visible at first in the second clip is that it's bleached out by the glare of the sun until that is dissipated by the thickening atmospheric haze close to the horizon.

We've just been told by astronomers that the sun appears to be "waking up" after a period of inactivity, so the appearance of sunspots is only to be expected.

Cone on, you lot, use a bit of critical thinking!

Anonymous said...

The spot and the sun are not moving but we are moving away from them and it only looks like they are .

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