Thursday, August 05, 2010

No More fake Crop Circles - Your vote needed

Hi there,

I've noticed so many crop circle posts are getting bad ratings on the site. We pay close attention to your comments at RealUfos and from the feedback obviously some thing needs to change.

The main premise of realUfos is to post the most genuine Ufo videos, news and related media so you can make an informed decision on the topic. We decided to leave the fakes to the large majority of sites out their that continue to post alot of garbage simply because it gets hits - and this is not what RealUfos is (and never will be) about.

I do agree with people's concerns that the majority of these new complex formations may be the work of a team of smart people using GPS devices, i've seen how this is possible and it only takes a notebook, GPS and 3 people over a few hours to achieve a simple formation. To be honest there are people who profit from selling crop circle media and it brings business to Wiltshire with all the tours . (I should know i was in Wiltshire a month ago for one of these tours myself!).

Sadly the 10% of the genuine circles may be ignored. If Et's are infact conveying messages via crop circles for all humanity than this is highly important , we need to interpret and discuss them in this case and they can not be ignored. So it's a shame the hoaxes are clouding this message. Maybe we should review our crop circle posts further to remove the more suspicious ones? .. Either way it seems like many people are still interested in crop circles so i am at a loss what to do and require input on this from you all. ...

So this is where you come in. 

To help RealUfos make a decision on whether crop circle posts belong on the site please vote  using the poll on the right of the site >>

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Leave your votes and let realUfos know your thoughts on crop circles.

You are also welcome to leave your suggestions as a reply to this post.

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Slushie_Man said...

Unless it can be proven that it's fake, or is very obvious that it's a fake, I say go ahead and post it. It's your job to bring us the news and it's our job to make up our minds if we believe it or not. If it turns out to be fake, after you post it, then just post an update on it with the new revelation. Bring it to us and let US decide if we each personally think it's real or fake. I'd hate to see some genuine UFO activity bypassed all on account of not posting stuff that MAY be fake. If that's the case, then why post anything at all? ALL of it COULD be fake, so I don't see why you'd suddenly do this for only crop circle posts and not the entire site.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of crop circles and fake triangular ufos

Nick DK said...

Its a bit of a dilemma.

The problem is not just all the meaningless cropcirkelposts.
There is also alot of meaningless UFO-post on here.
Im talking about those vids were u only can see a bright dot in a blury picture and nothing more...not even a story about some kind of movement from the object that would make it from out of this world.

I dont care about u posting 10 vids in here every day.
I would rather have u posting only 1 video a week, if it was something really speciel.
But that dosent give alot of hits i guees.
But the same goes with the cropcirkels.
I belive some of them are real.
But i dont care about seeing them all in here, when u cant tell the differens anyway for sure and then u know 9/10 are fake anyway.
What i wonna see about cropcirkels in here, are the one´s where people "in the know" talks about them.
Maybe some of the new cirkels seen, witch the think are real because the made an investigation.
Everything else is just waste of space on this otherwise great site.

Anonymous said...

I agree ,
Let the people here see them the ones that are not crop Circle researchers who think all crop Cirlces are faked .I want to know there backround on the subject.
Not all Crop Circles are made by Doug and Dave.

Anonymous said...

Dodgy christ/celtic like cross is an obvious fake in my opinion, and the numerous fakes are annoying to sift through but i'd rather make my own mind up about what is real and what is not. You are doing a great job providing us ALL the available information in the crop circle and UFO field in general. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

strob said...

The only way to tell what's fake and what's not is by examining the crop samples.

If you read somewhere that visitors to the circle found elongated nodes and exploded nodes - it's real.

It they didn't find them, it's fake.

If you don't have any report - we just cannot tell. The pictures alone are not enough to judge.

I've been to a real one lately - in Munich - every single lying crop stem showed the signs I've mentioned above, there was no room for doubt :)

Anonymous said...

I think crop circles are a form of "guerilla art" that started off with the basic plank-and-rope technique, and has now evolved into a puzzle game of quite some sophistication. Interesting in itself, but hardly to be taken as originating with ET intelligence. Leave it to the dedicated web sites to follow these yearly campaigns.

Anonymous said...

if crop circles are real why dont we see them on hills and wild fields. there always on farmers fields.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the fake aspects of both the general UFO subject and of crop circles specifically serve only to undermine general public understanding of the subject. It occurred to me that maybe you could take an approach where you have a sort of sin bin for the obvious fakes and a second area for anything considered a mis-ident. By all means post everything but pre-categorise them based upon any obvious lack of provenance or obvious suspicion of CGI etc.

Include comments and voting for every post as you do now. This may eventually throw up some interesting public stats and discourage obvious fakers??

The non fake area would then give us the unusual stuff and be the place to go for 'reliable' sightings.

There are so many unimpressive posts these days, the rule I tend to apply for making judgements on UAP footage particularly is to focus on pattern of movement, for example if an object, however weird is floating like a balloon, and could be a balloon, then I think we have to consider it to be a balloon.

If on the other hand the object is exhibiting movement characteristics that are not known to be a feature of any known terrestrial airbourne object of any type, then I consider it a genuine UAP.

Where crop circles are concerned, Colin Andrews himself has stated that over 90% are fake, so that's where most of them would go, unless an outstanding case came to light, like a partial depression case for example, or a witnessed event.

I do however think it is important to record all activity, fake or otherwise as the general volume of activity tends to give us a feel for how the subject is developing and gaining exposure worldwide.

MCW said...

I agree with DK. I would rather see what the title implies - Real UFO's ONLY. I would rather see a few good videos than a lot of dubious, wobbly footage of indiscriminate lights in a featureless, night sky. As for crop circles, there should be something definitive and provable about it's origin before you post any crop circle items. A crop circle doesn't fly away and one doesn't have to rely on eye-witness accounts alone. The evidence IS the crop circle, so there should be some kind of scientific verification that it's not man-made before it's even considered. that's my two cents...

Anonymous said...

keep posting the crop circles mate!! I enjoy them even if they are fake. What I object to is having someone else make a decision for me, that I'm not smart enough to tell the difference. You bring em to us bud, then I will decide whether it's real or not. I don't think you should be coming under any fire for that. If you know it's fake, then fine, don't bring it here. Otherwise, keep on doing as you have been.


Anonymous said...

Ditch the crop circles.

Anonymous said...

Very, Very tired of the whole crop circle thing, fake or not. Unless it is very unusual I skip over it and on to something else.

David said...

My opinion may be of less value than most of the others who comment because I am an infrequent visitor.but, may I suggest...

Don't get the site so caught up in crop circles that you need to become . To me and I would think many like me, "Crop Circles" and "UFO's" are very different subjects.

Anonymous said...

...when i rate an article i do not rate the "main" theme (like ufo or crop circle) but the information in it. I asked myself several times what the people are rating... For the crop c. I wish there would be better photos/videos - close ups etc. - and this should be possible, a circle is not like ufo. Just showing it from high above is not enough for a good rate.

Anonymous said...

it is righ usual cc news are lust boring - i skip them too

Nancy Talbott said...

Perhaps it would be useful for your readers is you referred them to the scientific info that is available on the BLT Research Team's web-site:

We recently posted an overview we conducted of some of the 2009 UK crop circles which many people have told us they found extremely helpful:

When people are provided with facts, instead of just opinions, it usually helps a lot in maintaining interest in the subject being discussed.

Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team

realufos said...

Thanks for your response Nancy, honored to have you on the blog. Yes i will look at the work you have done and do a small post outlining the scientific research into the circles from 2009.
Its only from researchers like you that we can keep the topic above the board. Its really important to make the study of crop circles scientific.

Anonymous said...

I can not see in crop circles any sign of ET's work.
And your site has too many vid showing us flashing lights which could be stars behind trees or any natural event. You should be more exigent on submissions...

Anonymous said...

As long as its not just crop pictures an opinions..i would like crop articles to be in Case format.

Nemesis said...

Going on some of the comments, Gee, some people are hard to please aren't they!

If the complainers who are concerned with fake crop designs, and let's face facts, circles these days are so passe, were to avail themselves of a few facts, especially those as provided by the BLT research team, they would be less critical of what this site posts.

I say that whatever comes this excellent sites way, put it up for all to see so that everyone interested in this very disturbing subject, may make their own judgements.

Anonymous said...

you have to watch this!

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