Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Day time Ufo sighting? Montana video filmed 7/27/2010

This guy stresses you watch daytime Ufo video in FullScreen mode (press the square with the 4 arrows below the vid) otherwise you'll miss what he's getting at:
Comments appreciated on this one:

Poster comments:
What i saw was a white sphere make 3 white puffs and then fly thru each one, after the third puff it started to glow silver and seemed to change. The 3 white puffs can be seen in beginning of footage as well as a picture i added
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Anonymous said...

uhh, what exactly the hell was that?

Nick DK said...

look at 3.33
Somthing is speeding by to the right of the bright object from top to buttom right.
Its really fast.
Maybe a bird because os the zoom...i duno.

Anonymous said...

Why to think it is a craft only? Why can not we think it's a living being? Another kind of creature we didn't see yet. Maybe from spiritual realm?

Brian said...

Unfortunately there is not enough detail to draw any firm conclusions. The smoke puffs are sort of strange, but considering the sighting seems to take place at dusk, this looks like a classic case of some man-made object catching the last rays of the sun (ie. a passenger jet or military craft).

Anonymous said...

That was a CBA. Could Be Anything.

Anonymous said...

Pulse wave detonation vehicles make the same kind of "puffs", so maybe it is some type of "Aurora" craft. It is interesting no matter what!

Hieronymus Braintree said...

At first I thought it might be a twilight sighting of the ISS but 1) it seemed to be travelling too slow and 2) the thing appeared to veer to the left in the last few seconds. If only it had veered more sharply or took off in a sudden burst of high speed. That would have made it one of the best ufo films of all time.

In any case, this is an unusually good one.

Gus said...

surely this has to be an alien spacecraft/survey craft.. cant be a passenger jet or military craft. the way it is floating/ drifting away. the distance from the camera, it must be big and moving slowly, finally a ufo video with image stabilisation. nice video!

Kristin said...

Me and my friend saw just the same shape and behavior yesterday morning in Oklahoma. We could see the rotation and vapor being put off by the object. No pattern and we watched for several hours very strange

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