Sunday, August 01, 2010

New revelations about the Bentwaters Ufo incident

Yet again another piece of impressive investigative journalism here from Linda Moutlon Howe at Linda investigates more airforce witnesses who were at RAF Bentwaters at the time of the 1980 Ufo incident and the information that comes out reveals just  how serious the event  was taken by the airforce at the time:
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1980 RAF Bentwaters Disaster Preparedness Tech S/Sgt. Monroe Nevels Describes “Top Secret” Investigation:

“Lt. Englund told me that one of the airmen had been taken aboard the spacecraft (in Rendlesham Forest).”

For the past 30 years since December 1980, no one ever said there was a TOP SECRET investigation organized right after sunup on December 26th, by RAF Bentwaters Base Commander Col. Ted Conrad. That was the morning that Staff Sgt. James Penniston, Airman 1st Class John Burroughs and Airman Ed Cabansag encountered lights and a craft in Rendlesham Forest, England.

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