Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ufo Forum reminder + updates


A Quick note to say that its a busy time at our partner Ufo forum Ufoevoloution.
If you check out the board of topics here you will see the majority of our blog posts discussed in further detail on the forum. Its a great alternative to ATS forums which many people have become disgruntled with recently!

I've trimmed the site even more to make it load just that tad faster for those browsing on Iphones and blackberry's.

Plus i have been so busy with the site recently.. Im flooded with all your Ufo emails so im updating the site like 5 times a day now to keep up..

A reminder the Ufo radio shows are all up and running on the site. If you have time they are really worth a good listen to as they provide the latest commentary & debate about recent sightings and you also hear from Ufo experts, the latest events, the paranormal, web bot predictions and gossip in the UFO the community..

If you have a radio show you think we should include in our list please let me know:
The Veritas Show  ( my fav), Open Minds UFO Radio , UFO Radio Network liveCoast to Coast AM live , UFONAUT Radio  , Skywatchers UFO Radio ,Ufo Show with Aaron Moriarity
Florida Ufo Radio Show

If your into Veritas Radio you may want to look at their amazing offer of all their episodes on USB stick.
Also i was so moved by James Fox updates on Veritas from his live reporting at the Gulf Oil Spill that i have decided to include a separate page (cause it is unrelated to Ufos) with his updates.

Eyes to the Skies (seriously!)

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