Thursday, August 05, 2010

Cross crop circle lurkeley hill nr east kennett wiltshire 03.08.2010

Everyone is giving this a bad rating...  Should i stop posting some of these crop circles?... obvious fakes?
My personal opinion is that at least 90% of these circles are fakes created and worked out by people using GPS devices.. people who have an interest in selling crop circle media.. Infact i would prefer not posting the majority of them because of this, but most people still want to see them.
I would really like your feedback here... obviously people don't like this for a reason?
A Crop circle appeared with a cross like shape at Lurkeley Hill, nr East Kennett, Wiltshire on the 3rd August 2010:

Images John Montgomery - Crop Circle Connector

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Anonymous said...

Southern crux its where Horus sets for three days only to be resurrected

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