Sunday, August 01, 2010

Questions still remain - the Ufo sighting that closed Hangzhou's airport in China

Ok many of the media reports on this sighting which occurred back on the 7th of July were in Chinese, this one is in english and has further video footage of the sighting which shut down Hangzhou's Xiaoshan Airport.
Although the Chinese military has still not yet offered a substantial explanation for the sighting, many assume the secrecy around this sighting is primarily because it is defense related. The question is , could a missile account for report of a stationary object (as witnesses reported)  and why would the military test or fly an object over an airport (which had to be closed at the last minute as a result), was it a missile gone haywire or something else?
Ufo encounters near airports are common - remember the O'hare incident?
English Reports.. questions still remain a month later:

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