Monday, August 02, 2010

Real Ufos - Please show your support

Just a call for support - If you use Facebook and if you like this blog then please click on like below.
This will help spread the good work of RealUfos and expand interest in Ufos.
Face it - its time all your friends knew Ufos are real! on Facebook

Oh and if you have time Please Vote here   and here for RealUfos!

Also Just a quick note..

I've repaired the "Submit news" form on the blog as for the last month i realised it stopped working! RealUfos is kept up to date by your emails and submissions and i appreciate the input from all our readers around the globe - you make RealUfos!

So if you have links to news stories or new videos on youtube etc please send them in via the 'Submit News" link at the top of the site - Its easy and quick to do.

Also if you wish your Ufo website link to be added to the site pop me an email here as we are adding the links back on.

Keep your Eyes to the Skies
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Anonymous said...

I think FB is a great way to follow your site!

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