Saturday, August 08, 2009

Orb fleet - August 2009 Malaysia

Interesting orb fleet captured in Malaysia this month.
Video shows comparison to the Indian fleet posted a while ago
Some people say these are objects are reflections from within the car but i don't think so. What are your thoughts?

UFO over France

I really dont know what we are looking at here, If you live in France and saw this please respond to this post - we need more info.
The poster says it was filmed over France last night. I thought it looked like stadium lights zoomed in but not sure after the 2 little lights appeared below. This reminds me to tell people filming Ufos to keep a steady hand and always pick up a point of reference like i.e show streets and landscape . What are your opinions on this footage people?

Why the Military wants to shoot down Ufos:

An older video of Nick Pope on Fox news talking about the Military shooting down Ufos:

Triangle Ufo Mitcham UK on 5th August ?

Project Camelot interviews Dr Steven Greer

Dr Steven Greer often seen as controversial for his ideas is interviewed by Project Camelot ( an organisation that supports Ufo whistle blowers)

Friday, August 07, 2009

Crop Circles in August 2009 + video of Morgan's Hill and Ogbourne 05-08-09

Some excellent new crop circles in August from my fav crop circle site

Windmill Hill, Nr Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire. Reported 6th August: - Source
Rollright Stone Circle, nr Chipping Norton. Oxfordshire. Reported 3rd August:source
Silbury Hill (2), Nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 3rd August: - source
Morgan Hill - source
The first circle in the film is one at Ogbourne St.Andrew and the one at the end of the film is at Morgan's Hill:

Orbs over Poland, Gdańsk 01.08.2009

These look like chinese lanterns but its weird they follow the triangle pattern - what do you think?

UFO seen on BBC - the North webcam?

This ufo report filmed from the live BBC webcam yesterday is causing quite a stir.
Here's a new report on it from the Sun:

A UFO mystery has been sparked after a flashing light was spotted on BBC breakfast television.Viewers watched in amazement as the white probe-like object appeared on the Look North morning show.It was described as "intriguing" and a "genuine mystery" by UFO expert Nick Pope. Continue reading

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ufo over Volcanoe Etna Italy

A mysterious object was sighted and taken with a camera on the south-east crater of the volcano Etna. In this period of intense UFO activity, there are testimonies about sightings of OVNI on Vesuvius, which raises the hypothesis of a link between UFOs and volcanic eruptions as happened in Mexico.

Annalisa Director Web Magazine "Noiegliextraterrestri" has published a report of UFO sightings on Etna:"I get the alert of a reader" Noiegliextraterrestri "which has been achieved an impressive sighting, with Video cameras, a non-terrestrial flying object fly over the southeast crater of Etna.

Source - continue reading
Ufos seem to love volcanoes - remember this one over Costa Rica?:

Ufo near yet another plane 5th August 2009

More footage again of another Foo Fighter (ufo orbs that tract airplanes) are always following our aircraft - do they post a threat and why are they following our aircraft?

Buzz Aldrin Confirms the new monoliths on Mars & its moon Phobos

More space anomalies - this time the new monoliths were found on Mars & its moon Phobos. What like to know your thoughts on this new findings and the comments on it from Mr Aldrin in the below video.

An image of what appears to be a mysterious rocky monument on Mars has excited space junkies around the world.The 'monolith', was snapped from 165miles away using a special high resolution camera on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.After being published on the website Lunar Explorer Italia, it set tongues wagging with space buffs questioning whether there was once life on the Red Planet.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin talks about photos of a monolith-like structure on Mars, captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter - And Buzz Aldrin talks about a similar structure on the Martian moon, Phobos.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Another new crop circle - Wiltshire AUGUST 1 2009

Triangle Ufo over SAN ANTONIO,Texas JULY-26-09

Poster comments:
another video clip of a large glowing object filmed over San Antonio,Tx.On July-26-2009 a bright glowing object was observed with No FAA lights seen on this unknown.Unknown object was traveling low in altitude(used the trees and roof tops as a reference point).This object was brightly glowing.When zooming in a bright glowing object can be observed.Unknown object was silently traveling over head passing by stars.Given a refrence of the size and self luminosity of this unknown.At one point it seems to accelerate and goes out of view.

Also quick question... what do you think of this ufo video people - worth posting or not, cat work it out?

UFO Tracking RAF Hercules Over Wiltshire?

Large Ufo Tracking Plane in the Uk- July 22nd
MoD refuses to investigate:


Please remember 'foo fighters' or orbs which track planes have been documented for over 70 years - this is nothing new folks - this is likely why the Mod isn't doing anything

extract from this article:

John Powell, 56, claims an unusual silver orb was following the military craft as it came in to land at the base. The retired school teacher was gardening at his home in nearby Westbury when he noticed the sun glinting off the circular surface."I don't believe in things from outer space but that thing was definitely tracking the plane," he said.

"My neighbour was in the garden at the time and I wanted to shout to them, but I didn't want to say 'there's a flying saucer in the sky' so I didn't say anything in the end."

continue reading - source

Alien Sightings Reported in North Port, Florida ?

If you live in Florida and can vouch for such strange happenings in your area please respond to this post. We really would like to know if these claims have further witnesses to the event:

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

James Gilliland talks about Ufos

86 minute documentary exploring near death experiences, UFOs, ORBs, global changes,
and extra terrestrial encounters. With James Gilliland who runs the famous Ufo ranch at Mt Adams:

pt 2

remaining parts

US Navy Shoots Down moving target in Space

If they can shoot down a moving target (missile) in space what else can they do?

Interesting extract from

The U.S. Navy and Missile Defense Agency (MDA) successfully shot down a short-range ballistic missile in space in a July 30 test, agency officials announced Friday.

The USS Hopper fired one Standard Missile-3 block 1A missile and destroyed the target 100 miles (160 km) above the Pacific Ocean about two minutes after launch, MDA officials said in a statement.

The test marked the Aegis system's 19th successful intercept in 23 attempts, including an operational mission in 2008 that destroyed a malfunctioning satellite as it re-entered the atmosphere, MDA officials said.

continue reading - source

New crop circle over Morgans Hill, Nr Bishop Cannings, Wiltshire

A new crop circle over Morgans Hill, Nr Bishop Cannings, Wiltshire 2nd August 2009
Looks very different to 'normal' crop circles - genuine or not? what do you think?

Image source - read more

UFO or star? - Quebec, Canada, July, 2009

Likely a star but what do you think?
somewhere over Quebec, Canada in July, 2009.

Monday, August 03, 2009

The Ufo special on Coast to Coast am

George knapp , Robert collins , alejandro rojas , ken cherry , dick criswell all talking Ufos on coast to coast am
pt 1
pt 2

Video from the International Ufo Conference Istanbul Turkey 2009

Renowned scientists, experts, writers, as well as military and civilian pilots gave their thoughts at International ufo congress recently in Istanbul Turkey.

Former head of the British Defense Ministry’s UFO desk and a well-known UFO-ologist, Nick Pope, one of the speakers at the conference, confessed himself amazed at the turnout. "UFO-ology has a bit of an image problem back home, computer-nerds, train-spotters, you know," he said. "But that is not the sense I get here at all. And there seems to be an equal balance between men and women."

Haktan Akdogan, the organizer of the International UFO and New Age Congress, the fourth of its kind in Turkey said turkish outlets are "more sympathetic (to Ufo Material) than the media in the West," thus the higher public interest in the ufo topic in Turkey.

Source Continue reading

Video of the Conference and debate:
Sorry its not all in english .... and is barely translated

pt 2
remaining parts

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Ufos over CAPENA ROME 4th July 2009

What could these things be, If you live in Italy and have seen ufos recently
please respond to this post, apparently alot of activity over there?

2 playful orbs over Austin Texas

Moving in and out - 2 playful orbs over the ufo hotspot that is texas

Hannity Goes Hunting For Ufos

Hannity from Fox goes to Mount Adams to the famous Gillian ranch and finds some Ufos: