Saturday, August 08, 2009

Triangle Ufo Mitcham UK on 5th August ?

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Anonymous said...

we saw a singular one on the same night at about 10pm in nottingham, we all saw it so i know it was for real, it was silent and moved slowly,the colours were the same, it was a brilliant experience, i just wish we had caught it on film too, great vid :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Slow moving dots in the night
sky are satellites.
A slow moving trio of dots, we all
know that they are NOSS satellites:
Blue skies.

Anonymous said...

Looked like Chinese lanterns to me.

Brian said...

Satelites dont move below the clouds, as viewed on saturday the 19th sept 2009. Ive worked with aircraft for 15 yrs of my working life, and never seen anything like this, im haunted by the sighting, and defy anyone to say it was a satelite or chinese lantern!!

Anonymous said...

Satelites dont move below clouds, and chinese lanterns are affected by the wind!Saturday the 19th sept 2009 has etched a memory in my mind that will stay with me forever!! There is definately something going on in mitcham airspace....Fact!!!

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