Monday, August 03, 2009

Video from the International Ufo Conference Istanbul Turkey 2009

Renowned scientists, experts, writers, as well as military and civilian pilots gave their thoughts at International ufo congress recently in Istanbul Turkey.

Former head of the British Defense Ministry’s UFO desk and a well-known UFO-ologist, Nick Pope, one of the speakers at the conference, confessed himself amazed at the turnout. "UFO-ology has a bit of an image problem back home, computer-nerds, train-spotters, you know," he said. "But that is not the sense I get here at all. And there seems to be an equal balance between men and women."

Haktan Akdogan, the organizer of the International UFO and New Age Congress, the fourth of its kind in Turkey said turkish outlets are "more sympathetic (to Ufo Material) than the media in the West," thus the higher public interest in the ufo topic in Turkey.

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Video of the Conference and debate:
Sorry its not all in english .... and is barely translated

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remaining parts
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