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A request - your help needed

Hi All,

I would like to make a request to all my readers.
To keep the site the most update to date with all the ufo sightings i would like you all
to bookmark this youtube link . Its the latest submitted ufo videos on youtube - as there are literally hundreds of new ufo videos submitted daily its ultra time consuming to sift through them all and i really need as much help as i can get to find the best and latest ufo videos.

So if you all can check this link daily and report any new sightings and the post the youtube links to me it would really help me out - please use the submit form at the top of the blog if you find any videos which you think are new and genuine - it would be greatly appreciated



red ufo's newquay Uk 2 may 09

Red ufos over newquay

Ufo crashes into crashes Gin Gin mountain near Queensland Australia June 19 2009

Do you live near Gin Gin mountains in Queenland and did you witness the bright flash of light from the object which crashed into the mountains there the other day? Realufos wants to know, please respond to this post.
Air and ground search of the area near Bundaberg Australia Queensland:
where a bright flash and explosion was witnessed early this morning has failed to find an obvious cause.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Scientist confirm today - evidence Found for Ancient Lake on Mars

Its now been confirmed by scientists today that shorelines of water once existed there and life on mars was therefore likely.

Keep in mind when Reading what the scientists said in the previous post- If we find life on mars it means that life exists throughout our universe...

A University of Colorado at Boulder research team claims "the first definitive evidence of shorelines on Mars" in a statement released today.

The scientists see signs of "a deep, ancient lake," which would have implications for the potential for past life on Mars. Life as we know it requires water, and while Mars is dry now, if there was abundant water in the past -- as many studies have suggested -- then life would have been a possibility. There is, however, no firm evidence that life does or ever did exist on the red planet.

Researchers estimate the lake existed more than 3 billion years ago. It covered as much as 80 square miles and was up to 1,500 feet deep -- roughly the equivalent of Lake Champlain bordering the United States and Canada, said Gaetano Di Achille, who led the study out of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The shoreline evidence, found along a broad delta, included a series of alternating ridges and troughs thought to be surviving remnants of beach deposits.

"This is the first unambiguous evidence of shorelines on the surface of Mars," Di Achille said. "The identification of the shorelines and accompanying geological evidence allows us to calculate the size and volume of the lake, which appears to have formed about 3.4 billion years ago."

The findings have been published online in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union.

NASA launches 2 unmanned moon probes - real reason for their 'emergency dash' to be first to build a moon base by 2010

Just as evidence was announced today about the discovery of an ancient lake on Mars NASA launched 2 lunar satellites to start new mission to return humans to the moon. Its a complete shock to most scientists and reversal on what people expected NASA to do.

NASA says the new push to the moon is because evidence points to water likely being there and you can't plan to build a base without it .. So its no co-incidence i guess about the mars lake evidence coming out at the same time I guess ...

However the real reason for the 'emergency race' behind NASA's surprising 2010 moon base has not been revealed - other countries such as china and Europe now plan to build bases on the moon within the next 10 - 20 years and the US wants to be the first back there for one important reason - A recovery and cleanup mission of the evidence & technology which they have long known has existed there - before other countries get to it. (you can read more about this here)

NASA is hoping not only to return astronauts to the moon, but also to build a lunar outpost there by 2020. The plan includes the use of next-generation robots and machines to help prepare a landing area, as well as a base for humans to live once they arrive.

NASA scientists are hoping the two satellites can provide them with new information about the moon.

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is designed orbit around the moon, and use seven onboard instruments to create high-resolution, three-dimensional maps of the its surface. The satellite, which will orbit 50-kilometers above the moon's surface, is also expected to study how the moon's radiation would affect humans. It's also designed to send back information about potential landing sites for a spacecraft.

The Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite is designed to help scientists search for evidence of water on the moon. The satellite will send an empty section of itself on a collision course with a lunar crater that is permanently in the shade. According to NASA, the impact should kick up surface material .

Scientists say finding Life on Mars means there is life thoughout our universe

Documentary points to important fact why scientists & ufologist are interested in mars - If we find life on mars it means that life exists thoughout our universe...
With the numerous ancient artifacts seen recently ( on Mars scientists now consider also the startling new possibility that infact life on earth may have also originated from the red planet:

So is this below evidence of a primative life form on Mars?

Something like these eel maybe?

Source - Mars Anomoly research

Why ufos track Chemtrails - Morgellons disease

I must have posted over 80 posts of different videos showing ufos tracking chemtrails. It a very bizarre and common connection. As you may or may not know chemtrails differ from normal exhaust contrails from aircraft.

Chemtrails use thousands of barrels of chemicals from large aircraft to spray heavy metails into the air to aid with weather manipulation experiments by our governments who are trying to learn how to combat the effects of climate change. Sadly the heavy metals including barium can cause Morgellons disease and illnesses spread over large populations. People think Ufos are aware of this and thus the interest they have with tracking chem trails.

There are literally hundreds of videos showing time and time again orbs and ufos following chemtrails .. here are justa few from my site :

UFO over Pereiara Colombia 2009

Not sure if this was an old report or not sorry ....
If you live in columbia and seen this please respond to this post

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Witness - black ring ufo over Kings Dominion & the long history of ring ufos in Virginia

Just a major update on the black ring sighting over Kings Dominion,
its was only the other day i joined the dots and realised there was a long history of black ring Ufos reported in Virginia dating back to the 50's . Previous reports i did on the black ring ufos which i did years ago happened to occur in the same area .. You can read more about the interesting topic of ring ufos by using the 'search function' (top right) on the blog

When Denna Smith's family saw a black ring floating over the theme park they were visiting, they pointed their video camera to the sky.Kings Dominion, the Virginia theme park, said what the family caught on tape was just smoke from a roller coaster called Volcano: The Blast Coaste

The recent sighting is no co-incidence - Ring Ufos have a long history going back to the 50's in virginia:

DATE: September 1957
LOCATION: Fort Belvoir, US Army Facility Virginia
Over Fort Belvoir, US Army Facility Virginia :

Your thoughts on the Turkey Istanbul Ufo conference from June 2009 - hype?

Everyone is emailing me the video of the new Turkey Istanbul Ufo . However i find their new footage very suspect - firstly its very similar to the old video (posted here ages ago) ( just with the May 2009 date plastered over the new video )and how did they manage to get such a closeup and do this twice in a row? Something fishy i feel...
Now it seems like they are trying to rally up media hype surrounding findings.
They show an apparent UFO appearing their Press Conference a few days ago (convenient i guess - i mean what is the chance of that happening?)...
Whats going on here - hype or not? what are your thoughts on all of this?

40 years of MUFON - come to the 2009 Symposium in Colorado !

MUFON - the mutual Ufo Network celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.
The organisations tireless and well developed global network is responsible for collating, recording and investigating the majority of Ufo sightings worldwide.

The MUFON 2009 Symposium celebrates this amazing achievement and will be run from August 6-9, 2009 in Denver, Colorado .
A team of amazing speakers will feature in the 3 day event.
  • Stanton Friedman
  • Bruce Maccabee
  • Frank Salisbury
  • John Greenewald
  • Peter Robbins
  • John Ventre
  • Marc D'Antonio
  • Kevin Randle
  • Ted Phillips
  • Jeffrey Bennett
  • Chris Rutkowski
  • James Carrion
Check out the schedule of events here.

Kings Dominion a Ufo not smoke now?

After emails from numerous people i have been told the ring seen over Kings Dominion was now could not have been a smoke ring because it was perfectly circular- would like your opinions on this?, please respond to this post - especially if you witnessed the sightings ...

Kings Dominion Officials said the ring was from a ride called The Volcano but several witnesses are not so sure. We were like what is that, we were all stopped and we were astonished, said witness Denna Smith, Smoke usually looks smokey and cloudy. This ring of smoke was a perfect circle. It was lined up so tight like it was a cut in the middle of the sky.
But then this gets a little odder. In seems that in 1957, some rather famous UFO pictures were taken at Fort Belvoir Virginia, about 70 miles north that show an amazingly similar object

Tarnow - Poland Ufo Pictures

Thanks to Matrish who posted these amazing photos our our Ning site
More of the pictures here
Comments: Picture taken in 2005, Object was clear and stayed still there for good few minutes, we shot few pictures using 2 different cameras

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

UFOs over Greifswald, Germany, August 24, 1990

This 5 part documentary is on the famous mass sighting of a fleet of ufos over Greifswald Germany back in 1990.
Its in german but the footage and pilot accounts are excellent...

Remember the Humanoid Skull found on Mars ?

Originally posted back in 2006 - it was brought to my attention that the humanoid skull found on mars was the image that eventually got marsanomalyresearch partially shut down recently. Could anyone enlighten me on this anymore and do you people think this skull looks real?

Skull or rock .. you decide .. NASA says its a rock:

Same UFO Over London then LA June 2009

London 13th June

Same thing then over LA 15th June
Poster Woke up again at 4AM and noticed that the sky over LA was finally clear.
Then once again I noticed what look like stars flying past stars!
I grabbed my camera but could not catch any of them and so I decided
to just zoom in and wait and there was one! The UFO comes in at the end of the footage.The beginning is the location of the stars that I was looking at

Ufos over Kent June 09

ufos kent uk 2009 more video

Scientists want NASA to fess up

Very interesting audio report ..

Blue Mountains Australia - Ufo hot spot in Burragorang & abduction cases

Recently another site did the below post about abductions of people who live in Sydney being travelled over the area of the blue mountains in Australia :

‘It was a hot night. I had the window wide open and was lying in my bed next to it trying to get a cool breeze happening. I was drowsy but definitely not asleep. Then I began floating out my window and over Sydney. I wasn’t nervous but felt a bit surprised, like what the hell was happening. It was as if I had been sedated, thinking back. I saw the city pass by under or at least felt as if it was and then thought I might have been going over some bush or mountains ..source
( a reason to keep your windows closed during summer!)

Although this seems far fetched there has been a very long history of ufos being reported over the mountain areas. The blue mountains are on the outskirts of sydney and after living in the area myself for some time i know it is a special place.

By the way If you live in Sydney and feel like you may have had an experience around the mountain please email your report to me.

I also stumbled across this site which reveals more about the Ufo hotspot and base at Burragorang in the blue mountains:

Whether or not they have anything to do with the secret operations going on beneath the Blue Mountains, UFOs over the Burragorang Valley have a long history.

There had been mystery objects observed by residents of homes overlooking the Jamieson-Burragorang Valleys going back before World War Two but these were largely overlooked by the radio and newspaper media of the time.

Then came the sudden interest in ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ worldwide as the 1940s drew to a close, and the then Katoomba-based Radio Station 2KA, began reporting mysterious objects seen by locals.

Campers staying out at the far end of the ‘Neck’ claimed to have heard loud drilling and blasting sounds coming from somewhere below the cliffs, and there had been a number of mysterious objects reported seen flying about, both day and night over Burragorang Valley and coming too and from Megalong Valley over the Wild Dog Mountains.

Arriving at the far end at 1pm, I proceeded to take off my backpack and sit down on the cliff edge under some bushes admiring the view as I ate my sandwiches. It was then that I began hearing the loud sounds of helicopters but failed to see them anywhere.

Then at 2.22pm far out across the wide expanse of the Burragorang Valley, directly over the ‘Base’ area, with the aid of my binoculars I spotted a small blackcoloured
light aircraft, flying from west to east about clifftop level out in the valley.

I watched as it flew over the gullies from where so many strange objects have been seen to emerge from or descend into over the years. Then, suddenly as it eached a point in the middle of the valley, it just vanished into thin air, like a “light being switched off” It was that sudden!

However, and this is the most interesting point, the engine could still be heard! It was now that I remembered the sounds of the unseen helicopters.

read more

62 YEARS OF DENIAL July 2 is Roswell festival day!

Interesting documentary which aired after the 50th roswell anniversary. Now approaching the 62nd anniversary of the event Thursday July 2, 2009 is the next best festival on in roswell.. read more about the upcoming roswell event here

pt 2
pt 3

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ufo filed in Brazil Uurbici

You may be asking why am i talking about Brazil & ufos so much at the moment? ...

The answer is that i am getting alot of reports from there emailed to me but i would like video proof of whats being mentioned.

The below ufo in Uurbici Brazil filmed early 2009 looks very much like the one captured in photos which i recently posted.

How Aliens Could Travel To Us Michio Kaku

Very interesting! Physicist Michio Kaku again - this time he explains how Aliens Could Travel to us - wormholes

Ufo over South West Florida On June 1

UFO We Filmed Here In South West Florida On June 1
As some may know we been seeing many UFOs here in Englewood Florida,and up till the other night we had nothing to get them on video.So I called Peace River Ghost Trackers,and they came out,and were able to film this one using their night shot camcorder,we were trying with an IR camera but after no luck we tried the night shot.We seen nine UFOs that night which we the 12th of June

Weird sighting UFO over Kings Dominion

Ok its a black smoke ring - and its an amusement park .
Sadly this means someones been making smoke rings i think.

Told you - now the Mayan Bird Crop circle 14th june Barbury Castle

Following the Rising Phoenix bird i told you guys to look out for more of these 2012 crop circles and guess what ... now we have another new one the Mayan Bird. Its so predictable that its sad. Its obviously a hoax i feel and its pushing some 2012 theme and for some promotional means... There will be more of these and no I am no longer posting on them even though they look great they are degrading the genuine thing. read more about this one here if you want.

Phoenix Crop Circle May Predict End Of The World
mayan bird drawing..

night vision Ufos

Night vision technology takes filming ufos to another level...
What could this triangle set of lights be people? advanced aircraft or something else.. very weird formation.

Ufo photo from Brazil - Do you live in there? send me your photos...

Well i have been asking everyone that i would like to see some ufo pictures from Brazil and here is one (bit faint but good) taken on a cell phone camera.
Will get further description of this shortly...

I am urgently asking everyone from brazil to send me any of their Ufo reports, photos and footage now, i am very sure some major Ufo events are going down there at the moment.
Estou pedindo urgentemente todos do Brasil para me enviar qualquer um dos seus Ufo relatos, fotos e filmagens, agora, estou muito certo Ufo alguns dos principais eventos estão indo para lá neste momento.

This photo was sent to me recently taken i think near Rio Brazil:

closeup taken from this shot Mid top left corner

Fireballs in Finland

Apparently fireballs are common in Finland..
I don't think it is ball lightening though... has anyone in Finland seen similar sightings?

Finland Tulipallo 15.4.2007

Monday, June 15, 2009

Jamie maussan on NASA Ufos

You may have seen this - jamie maussan reveals
that ufos are seen monitoring our activities in space

JAL Flight 1628 boeing 747 just 'seconds away from mid air Ufo catastrophe' 1986

With new evidence confirming Air France Flight 447 broke up 'mid air' at high altitudes, its highly important we don't discount and atleast consider the possibility a Ufo mid air collision as one cause of the terrible tragedy.

RealUfos would like to know if you have ever captured ufo photos from an aircraft to please submit your photos and video. Its highly important this information gets out at the moment.
Next time you fly have your cameras ready and sit on the window seat - sightings more common from aircraft than we think!

Why our passanger aircraft our not safe from Ufos .. an important case:
JAL 1628 Cargo jet encounters UFO, confirmed by military radar. FAA Chief of Investigations John Callahan says CIA, FBI, and others confiscated reports and swore Callahan and others that this event "never happened". Over 30 minutes of UFO flying around 747 all confirmed by military radar:

Thanks Beth c for submitting this great video to realUfos!
Remember you can upload Ufo videos or photos directly to realufos safetly now - without worrying about Youtube censorship!

Find more videos like this on RealUfos

Find more videos like this on RealUfos

Filming Ufos from aircraft - you may see something like this:

The late Astronomer Dr Tom Van Flandern - life on mars

Some find this man contraversial but i know you guys will find this interesting...
Astronomer Dr Tom Van Flandern talks about the topic that Mars is teaming with life, both vegetation and possible animals.
Dr Tom Van Flandern was an American astronomer, specializing in celestial mechanics, who was known as an outspoken proponent of unorthodox views on various topics. He graduated from Xavier University in 1962 and then attended Yale University on a scholarship sponsored by the U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO). In 1969 he received a PhD in Astronomy from Yale. Van Flandern worked at the USNO until 1982,

pt 2

remaining parts

Phoenix Rising Crop circle Yatesbury 12th June - are new complex circles too good to be true?

Next to the dragonfly crop circle we now have another new one the - the ' Phoenix Rising ' appearing just days later. Its sounds like some Harry Potter trilogy !... rumours are this one is man made as its highly suspicious that this the circle appears in the same field as the dragonfly circle from a few days ago. Would like to know your opinions on this though ..

The new circles follow the continuing story of rising from destruction which is obvious to followers of the 2012 conspiracy, so its likely we are going to see more following this theme to come. If faked it is sad that people are using crop circles to broadcast 2012 hype.... "The 'calendar in stone' of the Great Pyramid, describes the so-called Phoenix Cycle of our galactic orbit, the present time period ends (converted to our present calendar) in the year 2012 AD. The Greek word Phoenix, derived from the Egyptian word, Pa-Hanok, actually means, The House of Enoch."Read more on the current circle here

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mars anomaly research web site - hacked?

Is this sites reported website issues a stunt to draw people in for their anticipated book release or really a sign or something sinister..? I really am not sure. and would like to know your comments on this. Personally i can't wait till their book comes out..

Would like to know your thoughts on the recent developments there :

As mentioned on their site:

The website is currently experiencing problems accessing only the reports function while everything else works. This is allegedly because the host server was experiencing excessive traffic hits via this function. At first this seemed straight forward. However, due to the arbitrariness of what is transpiring in follow-up, now I'm not so sure. I'm beginning to suspect this work's adversaries may have a hand in this. The timing of this may have been precipitated in part by my recent #38 commentary below committing to a release timing for the book evidence as well as of course the Planetary Truth Project along with it,

By the way if you have never heard of the site... The mission of Mars anomaly research site is for: increased public awareness with hard visual evidence that we are not being told about at official level, evidence that it is all being sourced right from their own official science data. Further, evidence that is fully and completely verifiable in and supported by that official science data.

I think they are doing a great job .. here some excellent footage from their site:

Keep an eye on Iran & North Korea as we approach November - says the webbot predictions

Hi, its been reported to me that we should all keep a very close eye on developments on the 'time bomb' which is North Korea & Iran as we approach November 2009 ..
I pray that the webbots doomsday outlook doesn't eventuate but recent developments aren't promising..

June 13North Korea to tests more nukes and and commences nuclear arsenal programme :

The North, which for years adamantly denied any uranium enrichment plan, said Saturday it would start such a programme to bolster its nuclear arsenal in protest at new United Nations sanctions.

”It's a threat via a confession,” said Baek Seung-Joo, of the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses.

”The nuclear-ambitious North is shifting its strategic goal from having just developed atomic weapons to expanding its nuclear arsenal in a more stable manner and by all means available.”

US claims in 2002 that Pyongyang was running a secret uranium enrichment programme, in addition to its admitted plutonium-based operation, led to the collapse of a nuclear disarmament deal.

The North, angry at the Security Council's earlier censure of its April long-range rocket launch, has already said it is restarting the plants.

Yesterday it announced it would turn all the new plutonium it reprocesses into weapons.

The claim to have developed uranium enrichment technology is alarming, said Professor Yang Moo-Jin of Seoul's University of North Korean Studies.

”If this is true, the world would face a very disturbing situation,” he said. “The North has abundant natural uranium of good quality which, if combined with technology and facilities, would result in a great nuclear arsenal.”

Baek warned that the United States would have to face a desperate North Korea that is more anxious than ever to show off its nuclear capability.

Life in North korea - why they want war with the US..

Obama's talks about Iran & North Korea:

The Ufo Secret: Evidence We Are Not Alone

Great documentary i haven't seen before - Based on thousands of pages of de-classified documents, examines the government belief on Ufos and Ets.

The roswell highlight looks at the non breakable 'memory metal'. You can read the latest about this special metal here

Orb splits into 3 18th May 2009 ?

What are we looking at here? Birds or orbs?

RealUfos wants your Ufo photos , videos & reports !

Hi there,

RealUfos would love to hear from you - particularly if you have come across any exceptional Ufo videos and photos that you may have never shared with people before and or you may have not uploaded yet to the internet. Even if your sighting was from years ago we would like to hear about it!

I would also like to particularly hear from people in brazil who may have witnessed any recent Ufo sightings, my sources reveal alot of Ufo activity in that region currently.

Please upload them now to our realufos ning site & pop me an email with your report. but please note that non serious ufo pictures and videos will be removed from there.

You can post a detailed report here in our forum as well.

Remember Ufo sightings are on a major increase at the moment.
Don't overlook anything - even if you think its not a Ufo ... images can turn out differently particularly after a closer look...

Its a simple piece of advice but simply keep your eyes to the skies, many ufo sightings simply go unnoticed because people think ufos don't occur over major cities (and overlook them as aircraft)- this is untrue as Ufo sightings occur everywhere today.

If you see anything of interest it doesn't hurt to take photos and videos with your cell phone even if your not sure if its a Ufo - most people have cell phones now with ok quality cameras and its a convenient way to capture footage.

Take care

& Keep your Eyes to the Skies.

Kansas City UFO Sightings on the Rise June 12, 2009

Do you live in Kansas city and did you recently witness the Ufo over UMKC? RealUfos wants to know ... please respond to this post. This video looks at the recent sighting there:

On May 31, witnesses saw two unidentified objects near the UMKC campus. A man reported it to MUFON, Mutual UFO Network, and gave investigators a drawing of what he saw.

"He grew up on military bases and couldn't identify it at all," said Margie Kay, Director of KC MUFON.
Kay said sightings like the one at UMKC are on the rise since the start of the year. They used to get one or two sightings a month. Now, it's one or two a day.
"It's keeping us all too busy. Yes. At one point a couple of months ago I received 11 reports on the same day," said Kay.