Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ufo photo from Brazil - Do you live in there? send me your photos...

Well i have been asking everyone that i would like to see some ufo pictures from Brazil and here is one (bit faint but good) taken on a cell phone camera.
Will get further description of this shortly...

I am urgently asking everyone from brazil to send me any of their Ufo reports, photos and footage now, i am very sure some major Ufo events are going down there at the moment.
Estou pedindo urgentemente todos do Brasil para me enviar qualquer um dos seus Ufo relatos, fotos e filmagens, agora, estou muito certo Ufo alguns dos principais eventos estão indo para lá neste momento.

This photo was sent to me recently taken i think near Rio Brazil:

closeup taken from this shot Mid top left corner

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Anonymous said...

I live in Brasil, and I see you asking for photos several times. But please excuse me, I dont have anything, and I haven't had the fortune of seeing any UFO. Sorry.

K said...

Hey it's an invisible UFO.

K said...

Hey it's an invisible UFO.

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