Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weird sighting UFO over Kings Dominion

Ok its a black smoke ring - and its an amusement park .
Sadly this means someones been making smoke rings i think.
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Mark said...

I live in Richmond and I've been to kings dominion many times. It's definitely a smoke ring from the roller coaster ride, volcano. Every hour or so the volcano structures blows perfect smoke rings into the air. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Anonymous said...

Except that if you actually look at it you can see that it's not a smoke ring. A ring, yes. But it's not of smoke. Just looking at the video shows that. Smoke tends to dissipate in the air. This never does.

Anonymous said...

Actually Mark, as a ring of smoke would be suspended in the AIR along with the CLOUDS, they are both subject to the air currents. In the video, the clouds are clearly moving independently of the ring, indicating that it is not a smoke ring. Also, smoke is hot upon its creation, which causes the smoke to spread and dissipate itself: this ring made ABSOLUTELY NO changes in a 15-20 second period. I'm quite convinced you have never seen a smoke ring.

Anonymous said...

problem with your theory: hight. the smoke ring in the video is not nearly as high as the cloud ceiling for the day, so the air currents would be lower at the lower altitude. Also smoke rings disapating has more to do with the wind than how hot the smoke is, and the wind on that day was fairly weak, meaning it is just a very large smoke ring.

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