Thursday, June 18, 2009

Your thoughts on the Turkey Istanbul Ufo conference from June 2009 - hype?

Everyone is emailing me the video of the new Turkey Istanbul Ufo . However i find their new footage very suspect - firstly its very similar to the old video (posted here ages ago) ( just with the May 2009 date plastered over the new video )and how did they manage to get such a closeup and do this twice in a row? Something fishy i feel...
Now it seems like they are trying to rally up media hype surrounding findings.
They show an apparent UFO appearing their Press Conference a few days ago (convenient i guess - i mean what is the chance of that happening?)...
Whats going on here - hype or not? what are your thoughts on all of this?

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l2 said...

Couldn't you at least provide a translation?

or is it just a cheap copy/paste article?

Sunny Saturday said...

Hi guys,

I'm not the blogger who posted this clip but here is its translation.

(The guy who is talking is Haktan Akdogan, founder and chairman of the Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center in Istanbul, Turkey.)

H.K: These images will be broadcasted first time in the world TVs. Most of our guests have already gone back to their countries. Well known researcher Erich Von Daniken was with us. (...)

Anchorwoman: We see Mr. Yalcin, the UFO observer... What is he doing right now? Is he sending signals?
H.A: We are about 20 people here. We have enough technical devices to observe... Now we'll watch the images which were taken during the conference.

H.A: Now you see the flying object. It's not a bird, it's not a plane; it has no wings.The image was taken near the airport so there mustn't any flying objects allowed except planes in the airspace there.


H.A: Now it's close up and in slow motion. It's not a balloon. A balloon can't move that fast. After two hours, a black object was recorded. We got closer to it in the computer, and noticed the reddish energy around it.


H.A: It was taken around 8pm...

Anchorwoman: Did it cause any panic there?

H.A: Of course. The presentation was going on, and then couple of people entered the conference hall and yelled UFO! UFO!.. This building where the conference was held in. So all these people you see stepped out and started to watch the sky.

Sighting UFO during the UFO conference is not a coincidence. I think they wanted to give the message they are here and these presentations, this conference are accurate. I take it as their support to our conference. Lately these kinds of UFO sightings around the world highly increased...

richard said...

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