Thursday, June 18, 2009

Witness - black ring ufo over Kings Dominion & the long history of ring ufos in Virginia

Just a major update on the black ring sighting over Kings Dominion,
its was only the other day i joined the dots and realised there was a long history of black ring Ufos reported in Virginia dating back to the 50's . Previous reports i did on the black ring ufos which i did years ago happened to occur in the same area .. You can read more about the interesting topic of ring ufos by using the 'search function' (top right) on the blog

When Denna Smith's family saw a black ring floating over the theme park they were visiting, they pointed their video camera to the sky.Kings Dominion, the Virginia theme park, said what the family caught on tape was just smoke from a roller coaster called Volcano: The Blast Coaste

The recent sighting is no co-incidence - Ring Ufos have a long history going back to the 50's in virginia:

DATE: September 1957
LOCATION: Fort Belvoir, US Army Facility Virginia
Over Fort Belvoir, US Army Facility Virginia :

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armakan01 said...

I can't attest to the Kings Dominion photos and earlier "ring UFO" sightings, but I can tell you this: I just came back from Bonnaroo music and arts festival, and one of the attractions there was a metal sculpture that would wobble and belch fire. When it did from its top, lo and behold-perfect smoke ring. So, the argument that this couldn't have been the volcano ride is preposterous, especially if its a machine. It would almost certainly be from the volcano ride, and this could be easily checked: just go back and see what kind of smoke it produces: case closed.

David said...

This ring looks just like Rex Heflin's photo#3 of 1965 from Santa Ana, CA

Anonymous said...

The very famous sighting and photographs from Rex Heflin's Santa Ana sightings involves an apparent smoke ring. See

Also, if you look at this footage shot near Mt. Adams, on the Yakama Indian Reservation part of the mountain, in Washington state, there is a smoke ring in the footage at


markymint said...

Good! But OMG, what a shitty interview! It weren't smoke bejezuz it was a siiiign! A sign from da lord!!!! LOL. Eugh.

Dr Reason said...

The only thing in question is how big the bong had to be to create a ring of this size ;-)

Hippy "UFO's" indeed.


Anonymous said...

I stay in a area close to kings dominion and sometimes I would be at the park 2-4 days a week when i was younger. That was not a ring from the volcano ride. The ring that the volcano ride produces is much thicker and the ring would constantly rise at a constant speed before shortly dissapearing. The ring they recorded was there even before they started recording, but you couldnt see it until they zoomed in. Reporters stated that the ring was floating in the same spot for several minutes. As being someone who has actually watched the ring from the volcano from when its first created by the fire from the ride, until the time it dissapears, I know that it is not a smoke ring.

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