Friday, June 19, 2009

Why ufos track Chemtrails - Morgellons disease

I must have posted over 80 posts of different videos showing ufos tracking chemtrails. It a very bizarre and common connection. As you may or may not know chemtrails differ from normal exhaust contrails from aircraft.

Chemtrails use thousands of barrels of chemicals from large aircraft to spray heavy metails into the air to aid with weather manipulation experiments by our governments who are trying to learn how to combat the effects of climate change. Sadly the heavy metals including barium can cause Morgellons disease and illnesses spread over large populations. People think Ufos are aware of this and thus the interest they have with tracking chem trails.

There are literally hundreds of videos showing time and time again orbs and ufos following chemtrails .. here are justa few from my site :
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