Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Remember the Humanoid Skull found on Mars ?

Originally posted back in 2006 - it was brought to my attention that the humanoid skull found on mars was the image that eventually got marsanomalyresearch partially shut down recently. Could anyone enlighten me on this anymore and do you people think this skull looks real?

Skull or rock .. you decide .. NASA says its a rock:

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Anonymous said...

It isn't a skull, it is the Head of a Statue sticking up out of the ground on Mars.

Oidentifierat said...

A rock! People who want it to be a skull see a skull but I think it´s just a rock. Why should it be a skull?

Anonymous said...

There is a possibility that that "skull" is rock. But there is also possibilty that it really is skull. So...why shouldnt it be one? Or it might be something else. Part on burried space ship, trash, whatever. But fir me it looks like a skull and i dont have any good reason not no believe so.

meldie said...

It looks like a Storm Trooper, lol. Maybe George Lucas pulled a practical joke on NASA?

I don't think it looks like a skull but a statue is possible, or simply rocks in a pattern that happen to resemble a face. Further study definitely needed. I really hope we get more openness in the Mars exploration.

Anonymous said...

Statistically, Mars has far passed the ratio of symmetrical objects when speaking of its anomalies. NASA, let it be already, ok? You're looking more and more stupid as time goes on. I guess their trying to buy their time? Who knows?

Anonymous said...

I dunno, I'd have to get a closer look. The shadows can play tricks on the eyes, you know. There was actually a picture a long time ago that had a rock that looked like a person. I'd have to actually see it. Anybody got a spare rocket handy?

Anonymous said...

It may resemble a head but it's probably just a weird rock.

nick dk said...

Because Mulder cant find skully??


Anonymous said...

Statue, rock, skull? Truth is, we
really do not know. For Oidentifierat, why should it be a rock? You nor anyone else knows what it is.

Anonymous said...

It's a rock, of course. Two dark cavities next to each other must mean eye sockets? Puh-leese.

markymint said...

It's Predator, blatently!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a relic from a civilisation who existed when the dinosaurs were still wearing nappies!!!!

Either that or its Evel Kneivels lost crash helmet!!!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't mater what, one think is sure. The government never going to tell you the truth.

magnolia rainbow said...

Well I think it is fabulous that folks are so creative as to see a skull,looks like a storm trooper to me too...

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself,...How does NASA know its a rock,when you people are not sure of what YOU see!?

There is a need to move a head, on this one,but we don't seem to hear much about it anymore!?

Its a rock, you see!? there's not much, to rock about!!.........?

Anonymous said...

Do we believe its JUST a rock?

I think we are seeing MARS after a
massive destruction on its surface
long time ago:...where did all the water go, on MARS? and where did EARTH get its water from?

On Earth,there are Ancient sites found,under the sea,of all places,
this means, that there has been a rise in sea level,so where did all that water, come from??

It is only last year 2012 on this site...videos,photos, of a UFO.looking anomaly, found at the bottom of the BALTIC SEA! Its not a UFO.but an Ancient site of some kind,..and under how much water? Where did that come from?

Its said to have come from the N/S.
POLLS,...THAT AMOUNT of water???
NEVER!! Where did the water come from?

In the Bible,it says:it rained for fourty days,& fourty nights,that
would do it,if it was considered
that the rain, came in the form of
"LARGE CHUNKS of ICE" streaking into earths atmosphere,melted! and raind on earth!? razing the sea level!?...Thats my take on it!

On Mars, there is evidance of water erosion,as is on earth,but the water is no longer there!

Some permafrost, yes!? but not surface water, like in rain or oceans that would need to be there
for erosion to have take place, as seen in the land on Mars. A VAST amount of water would have been there long ago,for this erosion to
have taken place..but its all GONE!
WHERE???..Not into the ground,as we've been lead to think, NOT that
amount of water!? If this was the case,why did the water not seep into the ground before erosion took
place? I mean, where would an ocean of water fit underground? lol

Just take a look at our own ocean here on earth.Would you consider THAT, to fit underground??Even half
of it!..a quarter?Its not possible!
But on MARS...GONE!!!

What I think happened,is this...

What ever the disaster was, that took place on MARS long ago,had an
effect on the waters disappearance,
were it went!? your guess is as good as mine.

Two other Hypotheses!....

1/ MARS is inside out, like the Hollow earth theory!?Everything lives on the inside! water,land, &
the outside is a shield against the
sun & what have you.And what is seen on the surface of MARS,is just
once upon a time long ago.......?

2/ NONE of the above!! MARS is not red ,like we've been told,its lush
with greenery & blue sky like on earth and we've been lied to by those whom in power over us, If
we knew the truth, we'd wont to go there, and they don't wont us there!? Its just a rock! yeah, right!?..............

Anonymous said...

We were asked to leave the moon &
don't come back!!! 1969.

Whats next...MARS???............?

And why has NASAs programs been halted?..We know the $ spin! if you wont to believe that,and they
hope you will.Would this have been
rerouted to the "secret space" program!? I wouldn't be surprised at all.And what about the TRILLIONS
of dollars that supposedly went missing,and was said to be unaccounted-for:) the plot thickens
here, yeah?? Where do you think the TRILLIONS went? That kind of money just doesn't, "GO MISSING" give us a brake? have a need to know!

H E L L O!???

It said this story in Ufology, is huge! what do you call:
TRILLIONS of $ missing and unaccounted for???

The best kept secret in the world??
and we keep smiling!?:)...........?

Anonymous said...

The people in power will never let us know tge truth anyway....

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