Monday, June 15, 2009

Phoenix Rising Crop circle Yatesbury 12th June - are new complex circles too good to be true?

Next to the dragonfly crop circle we now have another new one the - the ' Phoenix Rising ' appearing just days later. Its sounds like some Harry Potter trilogy !... rumours are this one is man made as its highly suspicious that this the circle appears in the same field as the dragonfly circle from a few days ago. Would like to know your opinions on this though ..

The new circles follow the continuing story of rising from destruction which is obvious to followers of the 2012 conspiracy, so its likely we are going to see more following this theme to come. If faked it is sad that people are using crop circles to broadcast 2012 hype.... "The 'calendar in stone' of the Great Pyramid, describes the so-called Phoenix Cycle of our galactic orbit, the present time period ends (converted to our present calendar) in the year 2012 AD. The Greek word Phoenix, derived from the Egyptian word, Pa-Hanok, actually means, The House of Enoch."Read more on the current circle here
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Anonymous said...

think of the farmer who has lost that part of the feild for crops.
if this is supposed to be soooo great and the aleins are talking to us with pics in some poor farmers feild then why dont someone plant a cam out there to really see whats going on or is it because its a hoax? because i know a cam can record all night and it dosent cost that much compaired to the cost of the lost crop.

markymint said...

Perhaps we're now being shown a look at the near future. Better just hope they draw some humans at some point!! :p

firzen1 said...

indeed, a cam would show us the stuff..

Anonymous said...

I agree. I'm sure the farmers that lose crops to these dirt bags think it's soooo cool! I refuse to believe that aliens would keep leaving these increasingly complicated messages. To what end? If they can 'draw' that good, surely they can write! Certainly by now thye could have learned some basic English or Spanish or some other Earth language.

Anonymous said...

it looks more like a corporate logo than a non-human communication. there have been many hoaxes over the last year or so, it's getting harder to seperatethe real circles from the man made ones, but this sticks out like a sore thumb imo.

Anonymous said...

If it appeared in a field wthout the track lines of a vehicle I would maybe consider it, as the hoaxers could not enter the field without making a trail. but any crop circles in a field with tracks I see as a hoax.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty hard to believe that this is a hoax by just looking at the detail and the time that was involved with this drawing. I do believe this is a coded message that we have to figure out. I would like to know if the government is monitoring these sites and making sure that no one comes in contact with them or views whoever is doing this. Also why are most of these drawings in the U.K.

Alex Musgrave said...

If you look closely there is a circle in the very middle which was used as a plotting point to map+stromp the outer circle, and then used for measurement for the inner reflections. Then, in the area up the middle of the breast, you can see foot trails leading up to the head, and around the head, you can see more squigly foot trains.

Real crop circles, not man-made, the geometric patterns are not only a) entirely symmetrical in shape, reflection, and stature, but b) made flawlessly with no trails, primer circle patterns, etc. -- as in, there are no entry/exit/plotting points at all.

This is obviously man made.

The message is rather obvious though ;) The artist has good intentions.

James Simmons said...

I reject the "message" ideas. Why the bother if all they want to do is to say something? There are easier ways.

I think we're all being played by some space agency's satellite based laser being employed in the wee hours just to watch our reactions.

Some Uber-Geek with a keyboard somewhere laughing his/her arse off.

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