Monday, June 15, 2009

JAL Flight 1628 boeing 747 just 'seconds away from mid air Ufo catastrophe' 1986

With new evidence confirming Air France Flight 447 broke up 'mid air' at high altitudes, its highly important we don't discount and atleast consider the possibility a Ufo mid air collision as one cause of the terrible tragedy.

RealUfos would like to know if you have ever captured ufo photos from an aircraft to please submit your photos and video. Its highly important this information gets out at the moment.
Next time you fly have your cameras ready and sit on the window seat - sightings more common from aircraft than we think!

Why our passanger aircraft our not safe from Ufos .. an important case:
JAL 1628 Cargo jet encounters UFO, confirmed by military radar. FAA Chief of Investigations John Callahan says CIA, FBI, and others confiscated reports and swore Callahan and others that this event "never happened". Over 30 minutes of UFO flying around 747 all confirmed by military radar:

Thanks Beth c for submitting this great video to realUfos!
Remember you can upload Ufo videos or photos directly to realufos safetly now - without worrying about Youtube censorship!

Find more videos like this on RealUfos

Find more videos like this on RealUfos

Filming Ufos from aircraft - you may see something like this:
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