Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ufo over Melbourne Australia ?

Interesting new video in from my favourite Australian city Melbourne.
If you live in melbs and also spotted something like this recently please let us know and respond to this post.
Posters comments:
Filming jet when I noticed this sphere. Was totally stunned. Filmed with night vision scope, object has no navigation lights as clearly compared with the high altitude jet.

Ufo or street lamp in Norway bomb blast ?

Thanks to reader who sent this video

The tragic and shocking events that just unfolded in Norway bomb blast have attracted worldwide media attention. Our thoughts and condolences go out to all killed and injured in the event. The world has become a crazy place and those who perpetrated this crime must be found accountable as soon as possible.
Anyway, during the media filming (RTL) of the event numerous people sent us a video showing what looks like something hovering over the building. I mean surely this is a hanging street light - Im not sure why so many people think not?. Because so many people sent me this video we would like to ask your opinion and if anyone from the area can confirm this?
You thoughts and comments appreciated.

Huge Bright ufo orbs over Germany 17th July 2011

Large Ufo orbs over Germany on Sunday, 17th July 2011 around 11 pm with Night Vision camera. If anyone in Germany spotted these we would like to hear from you.
What could these lights possibly be?

Triangle Ufo lights above Arizona Thursday, 21st July 2011

Would like to know if anyone else spotted this Ufo over Arizona on Thursday, 21st July

Friday, July 22, 2011

NASA Administrator - potential of ET life possible

NASA adminstrator Charles Bolden gives his views on ETs and NASA's stance on the topic.

UFO over East London ? July 2011

New Ufo sighting in from East London.Would liek to hear fromanyone else in London who may have spotted similar objects recently:

Posters comments:
18/07/11 at 21:20 to 25 browsing on my computer there was this distinctive light next to the building shown, which at start, I presumed it was a plain. Few minutes after at 21:30 I looked again, out of my window and to my suprise the flying object was still there. At 21:32 got my cell phone and I started capturing the unidentified flying object. In comparison there happened to be an airplane passing by on the left. It was significantly bigger than the plane and standing still until it started moving away really fast.

RED Triangle Ufo near the Sun? July 20, 2011

Strange triangle like craft captured from NASA Imagign of the sun in the top left of the picture.
Comments on this one appreciated.

Far top Left you can make it out in RED:
Remember the sun is massive so even the fact we can make this out this craft must be quite large.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Orange Ufo & explosion over Brittany France

Calling all readers from France did anyone hear of see anything unusual in the skies recently?

After a loud explosion on Tuesday morning, users of Bretons speak a meteorite.

A "big bang", a white glow, an "orange ball of fire" ... The mystery remains about what happened Tuesday morning around 5:15, in Brittany. A loud explosion was heard from Brest to Rennes and Nantes, but so far nobody knows where it came from.

The assumption of a plane passing the sound barrier was quickly removed, Ouest-France reported . According to Meteo France, it is not a meteorological phenomenon or air.

Source read more

Further footage of that Missile like object over New Mexico?

Strange debris breaking up over New Mexico?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Missile like Ufo sighting over Roswell New Mexico ?

Likely a missile launch test but it is an impressive one.
Apparently filmed over Roswell New Mexico.

Military Helicopter Over Milk Hill Crop circle 17th July 2011

Quite strange that an Apache military chopper passes directly above a crop circle on Milk Hill. Some people report this is common occurrence and some argue the reason for this is military training bases are nearby. Infact it seems in the UK wherever there are sacred sites or crop circles, military bases are very close by (like the air base behind Stonehenge) - is this no coincidence?

Milk Hill Crop circle

The watchers - Ufo documentary

Interesting New Ufo documentary by Richard Shaw:
This documentary brings LA Marzulli, a favorite on the wildly popular Coast to Coast AM, into a realistic discussion on UFOs, entities, and the actual facts that are surrounding them. Dr. LA Marzulli is a leading expert in the field and author of several books on the topic including the most recent Alien Interviews. Marzulli looks at the current manifestations of UFO activity worldwide and relates these experiences to what ancient texts say about them, as well as current scientific hypothesis.

There is no doubt that UFOs are here and not going away. What does this mean? What are interdimensional beings? What are Orbs and why are all these things happening now? What is the difference between Orbs and Craft? Are implants real? Has humanity finally become enlightened enough to accept new life forms? The film also continues with an in depth interview with Dr. Roger Leir at his offices. Dr. Leir is known worldwide for his surgical removal and scientific testing of alien implants.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ufo over Taiwan

New ufo spotted over Taiwan makes the news:

Ocean Explorer team talking about the Ufo on the Baltic sea

Denis from the Ocean Explorer team provides an Update on the baltic sea Ufo object.

On the 19 June a very strange anomaly was found during a sonar survey of the sea floor. Peter Lindberg, the initiator of the expeditions, says that he has never seen anything like it even if he has spent hundreds of hours watching sonar images of the sea floor, "it's up to the rest of the world to decide what it is" he says. "It is not in our sphere of interest to go for this object since the cost for each hour out on the sea are tremendous" he says, "Since it might be nothing we can not afford spending funds just to have a look at it, even if it might be a "new" Stonehenge standing on the bottom.