Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Missile like Ufo sighting over Roswell New Mexico ?

Likely a missile launch test but it is an impressive one.
Apparently filmed over Roswell New Mexico.
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Anonymous said...

i think, its a sort of new Rocket Lunch systems. Its a test like the others.
They just CANT SAY,HEY JOOO we test some new rocket systems to break other countries in twice jooo.
99% of unknown Objects in the sky, are from the Air force or the ARDA Projects...... Maybe in 20 Years THESE uuhhhhhhh "orbs" are a normal thing on the battlefield.Like the Stealth Bomber or the RGG 907 Drone (a Drone as small as a hummel,or a bee)
They exist, but not official. normal in the army

Carlos Moraes said...

Is the "minuteman" missile.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but what does this have to do with "UFO's"?

Anonymous said...

A Missile is an IFO.....
Looks like a new Lunch Projekt for intercontinental Rockets

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