Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Further footage of that Missile like object over New Mexico?

Strange debris breaking up over New Mexico?
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Anonymous said...

Interesting how the smaller ship that appears to be below the larger exploding object remains on trajectory, unaffected by re-entry, if that is what we are seeing. Perhaps the objects are not entering our atmosphere, breaking up. But instead the smaller ship blew up the larger one. Intergalactic War!!! Run!

Anonymous said...

Man made space junk falling back to earth. Nothing to see here people!

Anonymous said...

Man made space junk falling back to Earth!??..maybe! what was the other object??

Anonymous said...

who knows? i really dislike at the end the presumption is must be an 'alien spacecraft'. it is 'unidentified' thus unknown.

J Duke said...

This is video from quite sometime ago. In fact, this is video if the japanese spacecraft Hayabusa reentering the atmosphere with portions if the craft burning up (as planned) during reentry. Search Youtube for Hayabusa and you will see it is the exact same video.

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