Friday, July 22, 2011

RED Triangle Ufo near the Sun? July 20, 2011

Strange triangle like craft captured from NASA Imagign of the sun in the top left of the picture.
Comments on this one appreciated.

Far top Left you can make it out in RED:
Remember the sun is massive so even the fact we can make this out this craft must be quite large.

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Anonymous said...

at thsi size, THE OBJECT, what ever it may be, must have the half size of the Earth.

any idea.
Its the Spce, the universe, and WE sure DONT imagine or know this THING called UNIVERSE

Anonymous said...

First of all it isn't red,it is extreme ultraviolet image, no real color, does sun look blue to you in the sky(sic!), furthermost it would be hell ..around 3-4 times size of our planet not half like mentioned above, sorry but to me it's an artifact.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

With all the talk of triangular
shapes or patterns,I can't help but wonder if this might have something to do with the "pyramids"
from ancient past history!?
WHY the triangle shape?? NOW!
it used to be just Disc's!? that were seen,then the ORBS are now seen,and now the TRYANGLE shapes!?
Whats next??...SQUARES?..Oh! them too!!..Well you could say, WHY NOT?
but you Know, that doesn't answer the question...WHY the TRIANGLE shape??

Could it be,that we are being shown this shape for a reason?

Is it a wake up call? Each side of the Pyramide is Triangular!..People around this planet are still seeing the disc shape or Orb,but in the pattern or shape of a TRIANGLE! can't help but ask,..WHY!?

Just sharing a thought,in the quandary of things,we think we see!

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