Saturday, February 09, 2013

UFO above Argentina 7th Feb 2013

UFO filmed above Buenos Aires:

Posters comments:
February 7, 2013. Buenos Aires under continuous UFO activity (all events are checked in the Heaven Above Satellite ready, not having Matches, you can also control it) Day 7, at 5:00 was recorded severe abnormalities activity near the area of Scorpio the phenomenon recorded in deep space infrared and ratted abnormal behavior, with South plotting sheet " generating flashes of almost -1 Mag "., but also notable lighting Unidentified sinusoids (Foo Fighter or cosmic ray?). Lenticular UFO / Orb, register on the sector is South / West " 4:52 in the capital, similar phenomena openings Intense Flares "luminous slowly plowed with South plotting sheet" the record became more abnormal to observe the strange behavior Sinusoid while traveling at very low altitude and almost on the Horizon Citadino. 

Friday, February 08, 2013

Shiny Object Spotted On Mars by Mars Curiosity - 2013

Likely debris - this Shiny Object was spotted On Mars by Mars Curiosity

Strange object seen near the moon filmed in California

New video sent in a by a reader show the colors are inverted but there is a strange object beside the moon.
Filmers comments:
Are aliens real? A UFO was sighted over a California beach. If you look real close you can see what looks like a commercial airlines crossing in front of the moon. The UFO passes in front of the moon two times. The person recording never thought they were filming a UFO. They were just filming the nice full moon rising over the beach while planes seem to pass in front of the moon. It was only after watching the full tape that they realized a possible UFO, was included in the recording. This video features the moon and not the sun. It was shot after the sun went down. Thanks for watching & sharing!

4.5 Billion earth like planets in Milky Way Galaxy Say Scientists - February 6, 2013

The odds of finding life out in the universe exponentially went up after a revelation in how science now thinks how many earth-like planet are out there in the Milky way.
This really is huge news and yet another step forward to disclosure on the existence of ET life:

Billions of Earth-like alien planets likely reside in our Milky Way galaxy, and the nearest such world may be just a stone's throw away in the cosmic scheme of things, a new study reports. Astronomers have calculated that 6 percent of the galaxy's 75 billion or so red dwarfs — stars smaller and dimmer than the Earth's own sun — probably host habitable, roughly Earth-size planets. 
That works out to at least 4.5 billion such "alien Earths," the closest of which might be found a mere dozen light-years away, researchers said. "We thought we would have to search vast distances to find an Earth-like planet," study lead author Courtney Dressing, of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA), said in a statement. "Now we realize another Earth is probably in our own backyard, waiting to be spotted." Read more source

UFO over Longview East Texas 1/30/13

UFO fireballs Over neighborhood Longview TX 1/30/13

UFO over tree tops Longview TX 1/28/13

UFO Sightings in Eagle Ford, Texas February 5, 2013

Once again East Texas is seeing a surge in UFO reports. Below is yet again another news report.
The question yet to be solved - is this some strange drone craft or truly something out of this world?
Note: If you live in the area we would like to hear from you if have seen any similar objects as those reported.

Videos from oil workers and eyewitness accounts from ranchers beg the question: Are we alone? It seems like UFO sightings are occurring more frequently over the Eagle Ford Shale. 
Some can be explained, but some sightings cannot. "About 10-percent of them, those are the ones that will make your eyes roll around and around in your head," said David MacDonald, executive director of the Mutual UFO Network. 
"We can't figure it out." "They started blinking," said Penny Farrell, a South Texas rancher. "One, two, three, like bing bing bing bing bing bing." Farrell and her husband, Jerry, saw those lights just above the horizon from the back porch of their South Texas ranch last November.
 There were no pictures; just memories. "All at once, they went back over here to this tree, but they were a little higher," Farrell said. Source

Thursday, February 07, 2013

UFO video Kingman, Arizona Jan 17, 2013

A Bright UFO orb  filmed daytime over Kingman Arizona:

It is quite obvious that the anomaly is not a lens flare or other camera malfunction. 
 The object appears to be emitting its own light?

Differences between a fighter jet, a satellite and a UFO

This video points out the Differences in observation at night between a fighter jet, an artificial satellite and a UFO from an experienced sky watcher:

Lights or lanterns ? Hamburg, Germany

Would like your feedback on this video - posted for your discussion. Are we simply seeing a series of lanterns strung together here?

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Daylight UFO over Stirling City 2/2/2013

Filmers comments:
I filmed this big object flying east, then turning west. It was a big, bright, oblong, white-silver which was one object and then split into 2, then three. It then went back to one. I don't know what it is, maybe a UFO, maybe a drone, or some type of airplane; who knows?

Ufo over Western Australia 5th February 2013

Witness report: Strange orbs caught in the East. Followed one that pulsated then another smaller one appeared next to it. Pulsating continuously in one area if you watch it carefully it appears to move in different directions. Filmed in Cooloongup Western Australia at 8:45pm. Using a Yukon Ranger 5x42, Easy Cap Capture card with AV out put from monocular straight onto Debut Video Capture software.

Unusual object over Super Bowl 47 Before Blackout New Orleans Superdome UFO Blackout

It could be the good year blimp but i have had a few people email me this footage so i have decided to post for your discussion. The blackout during the nations most important event the Super was unsual indeed and the timing of this flying object overhead is unusual as well.

UFO over Mexico City January 30, 2013 Ovni

New UFO video in from Mexico City. Filmed January 30, 2013 :

Filmers comments:
UFO January 30, 2013, Mexico City. 4:05 PM A decision n more stable than one object (2) to record this day, the other I could not record because it was getting from the sun's rays and difficult long record, but this record achievement for a few minutes more Thanks. Adrian Calderon.

fireball in the sky Belgium 4th Feb 2013

A huge fireball was seen over Belgium 4th Feb this month, very low near homes.
This local news report covers the story:
Its quite an interesting news report - if anyone can provide a translation in reply to this post it would be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Ufo sighting over Albuquerque, New Mexico makes the news

UFO news report January 29, 2013 - Many people were taking pictures of the sky Saturday night because of the recent storm. But one viewer caught something different while trying to shoot the gloomy clouds.
The filmer recording the clouds near Blake and Unser when he saw an object fly by. You can faintly see another one trailing it. This all happened around 6 p.m. Saturday.

Compilation of strange things caught on night cam footage

Night cams are cameras that detect movement are often used in farms. They often have infrared or movement detectors and this makes them very handy at capturing images of foxes or predators that would attack deer or other livestock. This footage Compilation of footage from US, UK and Canadian night cam from farms:

UFO fireball crashed to the ground in rome

Some type of object caught on camera burning up in the lower atmosphere over Rome Italy:

Monday, February 04, 2013

UFO caught on video while filming jet ouside Airplane Window over Massachusetts

While filming a passing jet ouside Airplane Window this massanger caught a super fast object flying by both planes. Filmed over over Massachusetts 1st Feb 2013

Triangle UFO over Oakland California January 16th 2013

A strange triangle series of lights was filmed in the distance here .Filmed in Oakland California January 16th 2013
Note: view in full screen - warning: strong language

Filmers comments:
I was driving on the freeway saw three lights In a line then the three lights (orbs) shaped a triangle so I got off the freeway to record

UFO over nuclear power plant in Krsko, Slovenia 26 January 2013

Strange UFO like craft seen over a nuclear power plant in Krsko Slovenia on the 26th January 2013
This is not the first time a strange UFO type object has been filmed above this power plant.

News report on the UFO filmed by pilot over Costa Rica January 23, 2013

Below is the followup news report from the video of the flying object filmed by a pilot which we posted a week ago.
On January 23, 2013 a man aboard an airplane flying above Costa Rica captured film of a UFO flying at a high rate of speed near the plane.

UFO watch tower in Wyoming Colorado

Mesoline's watchtower is a strange little museum, shop, and lookout post that she opened in 2001 after a failed stint as a rancher. It's located in Hooper, Colorado, a small town even by Colorado standards. As of 2011 it had a population of 105.