Saturday, May 07, 2011

Large triangle Ufo over FRESNO May 2011

Fresno has been a major ufo hotpost over the years this recent sighting in May 2011 shows what looks like a triangle Ufo near a large plane.
Best viewing in full screen:
Pause at 0.27 into the video

Friday, May 06, 2011

More videos coming in out that blue light over Tyumen Russia 5th May 2011

Very strange blue light causes a mass ufo sighting in Tyumen Russia 5th May 2011
Likely a satellite or some type of missile launch?

Ufo lights spotted over Russia shock masses

Multiple emails from people today about these blue lights spotted over Russia.
If you spotted them please respond to this post

Bright UFO or plane Over Kauai May 2011

Plane or Ufo ?Filmed Over Kauai Beach May 2011

Thursday, May 05, 2011

UFOs over New Jersey Parkway May 4th 2011 Atlantic city

new ufo report in from New Jersey May 4th 2011

Posters comments
on my way back from Atlantic city with a friend, my voice is hard to understand sorry he woke me up and i was drunk, got lucky to even film this things right.. i don't know what the hell they were!? note you can see the 3rd light better now, this things blew my mind

Did you see that Ufo over Sydney ? 4.5.2011

Was it a Ufo over Sydney recently?

Posters comments
The U F O Flying above the Passenger Aeroplane, then stop changed the directions and high speed disappeared in to the cloud.Then Black helicopter,coming you can see again the U F O next the helicopter.

Spiral Ufo or rocket over Over Russia 4 May 2011

Recorded Over Russia 4 May 2011 this " spiral Ufo " may infact be a Russian Soyuz-FG Rocket ?

Recent grey alien video a hoax says Nick Pope - USAF Shoot Down UFO

Another reason why did not post that recent grey alien video - its an obvious hoax!
Nick Pope, who used to investigate UFOs for the Ministry of Defence, gives his verdict on the latest alien video to appear online

Ufo followed by military jets September 2010.

Jamie presents the interesting footage and analysis of UFO being followed by Air Force planes.
Filmed ​​by Angel Lopez in September 2010.

Lake Erie the famous ufo footage

For the newbie's - this footage made Lake Erie famous as a Ufo hotspot when it hit the web a few years ago:

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

UFO orb followed by airplane ?

Sent in by a reader

April 21, 2011 2 bright ufo lights over Pennsylvania ?

Pennsylvania the night of April 21 - could these bright ufo lights be chinese lanterns?
If you live in the area we would like to hear if you also spotted these lights.

Monday, May 02, 2011

HD longer version of the Lake Erie Ufo video

Lake Erie in HD longer version video:
FAA and all local Cleveland Airports said These objects are not in normal flight paths, that none of these objects were coming or going from any local airport and these objects were not showing up on any of the airports radar as well.

Nike pope speaks back in 2010 about Lake Erie Near Euclid Ohio

New crop circle over Silbury Hill, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire - 29th April 2011

I really don't know how genuine this crop circle is, sometimes they look too perfect.
You can read more about this one here

Lake Erie Ufo lights are back ? Northeast Ohio Area

Over the years we have posted numerous times about the Ufo lights over Lake Erie Ohio. People say they are definitely not lanters, lasers or planes - so what could they be?

Recently we had reports from the area again from the nearby area of Euclid and will update you on this shortly. If you live in the area we wish to know more about any sightings you may have had. I'm not sure if there is a military base in the vicinity?

Here is a late 2010 report on the Lake Erie:
UFO enthusiast Michael Lee Hill, of Eastlake, has recorded many images of something mysterious over Lake Erie, Ohio. He has just released new footage filmed along the lakefront that he says is his best so far.

Mr Hill said: 'It was probably one of the craziest nights of activity I've ever experienced.'
The images show several sets of coloured lights flashing over Lake Erie, while appearing to remain still. Mr Hill said: 'I've been filming these for a long time and it's just grown to the point where they've let me know, they know I'm sittin' there filming them.
'You know, they come in - every year they've come in closer and closer.'

Several people in the area believe the lake is a hotbed for extraterrestrial activity.
Ed Husa lives in Euclid and often walks his dog in a local park.
'I go outside and I look up in the sky and I see them all the time up there.
'Every so often you see strange lights blinking on and off.' Article source

Sunday, May 01, 2011

A closer eye on the sun - Coronal mass ejections & earthquakes

Ok, A bit off the Ufo subject but the topic of solar flares and earthquake relationships have stirred up much controversy over the last year. Since late 2000 (peak of the 2001 solar maximus) and onwards we have seen an exponential increase in powerful earthquakes on Earth. Most scientists don't know why this is happening and if the trend continues it is of serious concern. Infact 2010-2011 has seen the highest frequency of magnitude 6+ earthquakes on record.
Some believe the cause is due to rising activity from the sun.
The 11 year solar cycle sees increasing and decreasing periods of solar flares hitting earth (we are entering the maximum period, peaking in 2013). However, it is not solar flares that are the concern but Earthbound Coronal Mass Ejections, filaments and influence of coronal holes on the sun. CME's may have a close relationship with the startling rise in earthquake activity on Earth. A statistically significant relationship can't be ignored and some people have theorised a predictive model of looking at the effect of Earthbound CME's and resulting earthquake activity.
Its is the accuracy of these predictions that is causing many to take these theories much more seriously
Below are the predictions from  April 27-30 (Uploaded April 25 2011)

Targeting Coronal Hole 446, region covers 7 Degrees North Latitude across the equator to 9 Degrees South for this watch.
Possible areas that could receive a significant 6.9 magnitude earthquake are : Banda Sea, Flores Sea, Celebes Sea Regions in Indonesia, Northern Peru or Ecuador would be less likely but possible along the same latitude.
Significant filament eruption could indicate a polar region volcanic eruption or activation in the Iceland or Alaskan regions during this watch.
Recent images of solar activity 2011.04.30 Xray type flares:

SETI Institute shuts down Its Alien Telescope Array - No big loss really

Citing a lack of revenue, the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California has shut down the Allen Telescope Array of radio dishes that have been scanning the skies for signals from extraterrestrial life for decades.
Many in the Ufo community actually don't care about SETI. They say the program is pointless because it scans only a very narrow band of radio frequency and ET's could communicate  within the massive bandwith of frequencies overlooked by this (see below). Infact, we could have a Ufo cloked right above the planet now using infra-red frequency  (invisible to the human eye) and and SETI would still not pick this is as they only scan a narrow band frequencies - pointless!
As Stanton friedman recalls the SETI "should stand for the Silly (not Scientific)"  search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence!
I would like your feedback on the closure of SETI, some believe the program was valuable and others believe  that there were coverups over some  signals actually being received and there may have been an  agenda behind closing SETI at present. Or similar to project bluebook is the government and the scientific community trying to say its case closed on the reality that ET life is out there?

Michio kaku  - Why SETI got it totally wrong:

Stanton Friedman - Why SETI was pointless:

The huge spectrum of available of frequencies overlooked by SETI:
Only Small spectrum visible to the human eye - what else could there be out there we are missing:

MetEor crashes over Guayaramerin Bolivia April 28, 2011 ?

Meteor Shower over Guayaramerin April 28 Bolivia sparked ufo concerns from locals as the debris broke up into the atmosphere. Some people believe it may be comet 2011 HJ passing by.

Guayaramerin Bolivia