Tuesday, May 03, 2011

April 21, 2011 2 bright ufo lights over Pennsylvania ?

Pennsylvania the night of April 21 - could these bright ufo lights be chinese lanterns?
If you live in the area we would like to hear if you also spotted these lights.
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Anonymous said...

Alison's videos are legit. What she is filming are definitely not lanterns, or from this dimension, either.

Michael said...

Alison takes a lot of flack for her research, but i personally think she's 1 of the best paranormal investigators out there. It's nice to see her work finally getting some attention on here. I've had many discussions about the golden/amber morphing orbs w/her(i believe she calls them blinkies?) as i too have seen them & interacted w/them on numerous occasions (upwards of 25-30 times)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these! I reported my own UFO last night; I'm from Sunbury, Pa. One orange fireball in the sky last night; I called MUFON and reported to the National UFO Center-- I didnt have a camera or cell phone unfortunately but they said there has been a rash of reports of orange fireballs over pa. One investigator who talked to me said they could be whats known as chinese lanterns--and since I saw it a few days before the 4th of july it was likely just that; BUT i see many of the same ones posted here and they werent in July/holiday times... and this orange light that I saw was HUGE.
Thanks for sharing,

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