Monday, May 02, 2011

Lake Erie Ufo lights are back ? Northeast Ohio Area

Over the years we have posted numerous times about the Ufo lights over Lake Erie Ohio. People say they are definitely not lanters, lasers or planes - so what could they be?

Recently we had reports from the area again from the nearby area of Euclid and will update you on this shortly. If you live in the area we wish to know more about any sightings you may have had. I'm not sure if there is a military base in the vicinity?

Here is a late 2010 report on the Lake Erie:
UFO enthusiast Michael Lee Hill, of Eastlake, has recorded many images of something mysterious over Lake Erie, Ohio. He has just released new footage filmed along the lakefront that he says is his best so far.

Mr Hill said: 'It was probably one of the craziest nights of activity I've ever experienced.'
The images show several sets of coloured lights flashing over Lake Erie, while appearing to remain still. Mr Hill said: 'I've been filming these for a long time and it's just grown to the point where they've let me know, they know I'm sittin' there filming them.
'You know, they come in - every year they've come in closer and closer.'

Several people in the area believe the lake is a hotbed for extraterrestrial activity.
Ed Husa lives in Euclid and often walks his dog in a local park.
'I go outside and I look up in the sky and I see them all the time up there.
'Every so often you see strange lights blinking on and off.' Article source

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Anonymous said...

great film of chinese lanterns

Anonymous said...

Chinese Lanterns dont light up in the Sky, the where lightened on the Ground.
Nice UFO Video, so if you dont KNOW what it is,its UNIDENTIFIED.
Also, the Area is a HOTSPOT for unidentified flying objects

Michael said...

Any1 who's not a complete idiot can tell these aren't lanterns.He's just trolling

Anonymous said...

helicopters thats all. you can see the red tail light blinking.

Anonymous said...

i live on lake erie near windsor ontario. Ive seen this object a few times hovering over the lake for a good couple hours, then suddenly disappearing. The object has about four different colours of lights that are constantly changing. It's a great view and i hope to get some footage of it in the near future.

Ric Smith said...

About 3-4 months ago, my buddy and I were fishing down at the beach at the end of my street in Euclid, Ohio. I have worked in aviation for years, particularly at Burke Lakefront airport. I know exactly what a plane, helicopter, and blimp all look like when flying at night.

What we saw that night over the lake was something I have never seen before. Moving west to east, it was a VERY bright pulsating light. Quite low to the horizon, but definitely above the water, it moved at a slow but steady pace. It passed us about 2-3 miles out and disappeared when it was about parallel with the stacks in Eastlake.

Not even 5 minutes later, the same object appeared from the west and followed the exact same flight path to about eastlake. Each time it got to the stacks in Eastlake, the lights started flickering and eventually faded away.

It didn't end there. Although there were no other low passes by these objects, we witnessed 3 separate objects out a bit further in the lake. These objects were slightly higher than the first two and were even brighter. The objects in the sky were so bright that a light trail could be seen on the water coming from the objects all the way to the shoreline, just like the sun would cast light on the lake as it is setting... The object in the middle stayed pretty steady as the other two objects came closer to the middle one and then moved away, just to come back again.

It's something we will never forget. Planes, flares, and boats have all been ruled out. No boat, plane, or flare is that bright and none of those give off multiple colors as these objects did. After watching some of the videos on YouTube by the user LakeErieLights, I am 100% convinced that the same objects they captured on video were seen by us that night, whatever those objects may be...

KDB said...

i live in erie pa, just before 5 am my buddy filmed the lights on Jan 20 2012 while letting his dog outside. all you people saying its fake clearly dont live in the area,but i dont blame your skeptisism

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