Friday, September 23, 2011

UFO concerns for spiral Missile leaving Novodvinsk Russia 2011

Was sent this footage by a reader - Shows what looks like a spiral Missile trail leaving the area Novodvinsk Russia. Obviously the bizzare trails have lead to concerns the object was a Ufo. The date for this sighting is unknown and i although we have posted similar reports to this, I am assuming this one has not been covered:

Red Glowing UFO slowly passing Barnaul, Russia

Yet another Red Glowing UFO (similar to the ecuador one) slowly passing Barnaul, Russia. If anyone in Russia can provide further information on this sighting please respond to this post.
Filmed 17th September 2011:

ovni Barnaul Russia

Red light over Ecuador hover for 3 hours

UFO sighted in Quito Ecuador. Filmed from the central area of ​​San Marcos Quito (Downtown) to the South Rim sector of the city or perhaps on Amaguaña Tambillo. This object of red light energy was for 3 hours over the city, it was not a star, made sudden flashes randomly and suddenly disappeared ...

Ancient Aliens and Deadly Weapons

New! from History - Ancient Aliens and Deadly Weapons:
Iron swords forged in blazing hot fires... Gunpowder with the power to tear apart human flesh... And rockets capable of destroying entire cities... Throughout history, advances in technology have lead to the development of powerful weapons--each more deadly than the last. But were these lethal weapons the product of human innovation--or were they created with help from another, otherworldly source

pt 2

pt 3

A must have to add to your collection:
New July 2011 Season 2 & Season 1 on DVD:

Pilots witness flying ufo triangle over Florida

Dr Richard Haines describes a UFO incident whereby three pilots witness a huge, flying triangle off the coast of Florida. Imakes for an interesting case as pilots are often very credible ufo witnesses:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Huge satellite - size of a bus to hit Earth tomorrow ! Ufo watch

NASA has announced that the giant Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite UARS with be hitting earth tomorrow!.Im assuming some may confuse the debris with a Ufo so this is just a warning where ever you are in the world to take this into consideration when you look up into the skies.

Being a huge six tonne satellite (the size of a bus) there is a 1 in 3200 chance it will hit land andmay actually injure or harm people should it impact in a populated area. Lets hope this does not happen.

Actual video of a pass of UARS satellite 8/9 days before atmospheric reentry, at an altitude of only 250km, taken from the ground with a 14" telescope:

News on the satellite:
A 20-year-old NASA satellite the size of a bus is NASA and the US Department of Defense are tracking the 35ft spacecraft, the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, or (UARS), as it heads towards the planet at five miles per second.

Experts say there is a one-in-3,200 risk of the six-ton space junk hitting someone.
However, its speed means that there will only be a 20-minute warning before it strikes.
Debris is expected to scatter across a 500-mile area, with the biggest chunk weighing 300lb, the weight of a large refridgerator.

The anticipated landing area spans cities as far north as Edinburgh and as far south as Cape Horn, on the southern coast of South America

Strange ufo ights above Catalonia Spain August 18 2011

A few people have sent us this video - we assume the objects may be chinese lanterns but we have decided to post for your feedback and comments. If you live in Catalonia we would like to hear from you if you can provide further information on this ovni sighting.
Posters comments:
Early in the evening of August 18 at 18:00 GMT, were observed for some time a group of three UFOs in the Catalonia sky Cataluña, right in the province of Tarragona.

Ufo novaliches philippines September 2011

This ufo videos was filmed over novaliches in the Philippines. Whether it is actually lanterns in formation is to be debated. I would appreciate your comments on this video:

Posters comments:
right when i stpeed out of my house i saw these redish, orange bright lights coming from the west heading east. at first i thought it was fireworks. but then it smoothly floating or whatever. there was 5 at first all going the same direction, then 3 more appears. it was cool

Footage reveals ufo over Riverside California not a meteor ?

Further footage ufo over Riverside California makes us think was this object really a meteor as it has been explained away by the media last week?
Comments appreciated:

Posters comments:
My buddy jay saw some lights in the sky and decided to record it, sent me the video via email for me to upload. the official report as of now is that these specific lights in the sky was/is some type of meteor. no meteor i've ever seen acts like this.

Ufo lights over house in Wenatchee in Washington September 2011

Some unusual type of craft filmed over a house in Wenatchee in Washington this month.
If anyone was in the area and can provide further information on what the craft was please respond to this post.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NASA to declare no- fly zones on the Moon !

In a move that is highly suspicious NASA is to declare certain no-fly zones on the moon!

With both China and now private entrepreneurs in a race to get probes on the moon NASA is rightly worried. There is much to hide on certain areas of the moon. I highly recommend you read up about the well known structures on the moon as this will bring the real reason for the no-fly zones into perspective.

NASA believes certain areas of the moon are "US government property" and photos can not be taken from these areas from nearby probes in space. It now comes to no surprise now why they took pre-emptive action bombing the moon back in 2009. I would like to here your feedback on this developing story as well:

The zones are intended to preserve the Apollo landing sites and artefacts left on the moon during the manned landing programme 40 years ago.
NASA’s no fly zones are prompted by the Google Lunar X prize, the $30 million competition for the first privately funded team to send a robot to the moon.
The robot has to be able to move 500 metres and send images from the moon. Precise landing near the Apollo sites would get them more money.
“Personally I think it’s fair game for anybody to try and get pictures,” says Stuart.

According to Science, NASA is expected to come up with a set of “recommendations” for spacecraft and astronauts visiting “US Government property on the moon”.
The property was abandoned and the 1967 Outer Space Treaty makes it clear that the lunar surface has no owner, so the recommendations will not be legally binding.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ancient Aliens and Deadly Weapons

Just a quick reminder not to miss this new episode on Thursday night on History..

Ancient Aliens and Deadly Weapons :

Iron swords forged in blazing hot fires... Gunpowder with the power to tear apart human flesh... And rockets capable of destroying entire cities... Throughout history, advances in technology have lead to the development of powerful weapons--each more deadly than the last. But were these lethal weapons the product of human innovation--or were they created with help from another, otherworldly source

Washer shaped Ufo near ISS?

Just what is the round shaped object filmed near the international space station?
Some form of debris?

Ufo orbs photographed outside a plane over Paris

A reader sent us this video of what look like an orb or Ufo outside a plane.
I would like your feedback on these photos:

Monday September 19, 2011 7:29 a.m. News: UFO flying at high altitude Images of Paris

One or more UFOs photographed from an airplane while on a flight from Paris, take the pictures through the airplane window. His seat was located right on the plane's wings as you can see from the pictures.

Unidentified flying objects have been photographed only a guide to the seat of the witnesses illustrates the details of this new UFO mystery.

Strange behavior of UFOs recently, the images are quite impressive.

Rule out the hypothesis of the reflection in the glass. Conclusions also highlighted in the video, What in the top left is shaped like a real flying saucer. The other two seem to have the same form, however, perhaps because of the increased brightness is less obvious.

Monday, September 19, 2011

UFO hovering near helicopter ? Carroll County Maryland

We would like to know if anyone knows more about this apparent ufo sighting over Carroll County, Maryland?

Posters comments:
According to the person who made the video shows a triangle-shaped UFO hovering above Carroll County, Maryland, on the evening of Friday, November 12, 2010.
The video also shows a helicopter distance and keeping watch on the triangular object. Note the lack of flashing lights in triangular object FAA.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Strange Ufo like craft over San Antonio texas

Further Ufo reports from the 14th of September this time over San Antonio Texas.
With the volume of Ufo reports on the 14th coming in can we simply accept this as a meteorite? Surely something else is going on. Numerous people report seeing a large structured ufo craft. If you live in Texas, or the southwest please reply to this if you can provide further information of what you saw - was it simply a meteorite?

Posters comments:
Sep-14-2011 a Huge UFO craft was filmed over san antonio, texas.As I was facing west I notice this Huge glowing object traveling east.I could clearly see this object was no aircraft .No FAA navigational light's were visible.So i quickly crabbed my camcorder for a closer observation..As i began filming this huge unknown object multiply lights could be seen..This UFO appears to be a solid craft.On the video you can see this object to be emiting some kind of glowing energy.While i was filming unknown,the lights configuration began to change.When zooming in multiply lights were diff were shape... I did not see any FAA lights/hear any noise coming from this unknown object....In my opinion Clearly an UNIDENTIFED FLYING OBJECT..This was an awesome sighting due to as it appears to be One solid object..And the size of this object seemed to be enormous..This huge glowing object was clearly no aircraft or satellite.

UFO over Ballinger, Texas 9/14/2011

UFO over Ballinger Texas once again on the busy Ufo day of September 14th >

Posters comments:
Around 9:00pm on September 14th, 2011 in the small town of Ballinger, Tx a loud explosion-type sound shook the town's residents. Everyone went outside to see if there was a fire somewhere or if it was thunder but the skies were clear. To the south mysterious lights appeared. Very hard to explain how they looked but one light would appear then it seemed another would come out of that light until there was light eight lights total. Then the lights just disappeared

Scientists find a planet that orbits two suns

Just an interesting one here. More more planets are being detected by NASA every week and the variety of means that the chance of advanced life out there increases with every discovery.

The discovery is reminiscent of a Star wars scene of the planet Tatooine - a planet with 2 suns. One again proving that
science fiction may eventually become science-fact:

Another news report on the Lights Over Las Vegas

Some Ufo researchers say its still too early to call the objects over the southwest a meteorite or NASA debris.

The mysterious glow lit up the skies over Arizona, California, and Nevada. The bright light was seen flying over the neon of Las Vegas.A NASA scientist believes a small asteroid caused the bright meteor. College of Southern Nevada Planetarium Director Dale Etheridge agrees."This one was probably an asteroid, an asteroid fragment," he said.Scientists say a tiny chunk of an asteroid became a meteor when it hit the atmosphere."It was something probably on the size of an order to a marble or a golf ball, burned up entirely, never made it to the ground," Etheridge said.Seeing a shooting star, many made wishes. Others are still intrigued. Peter Davenport is director of the National UFO Reporting Center."It's definitely too early to say that it's a meteor," he said. "One would not expect a person to be witness to a meteor for 45 or 50 seconds."Some long-time Las Vegas residents may be experiencing déjà vu.In April 1962, a "weird object (was) seen through the entire west". The brilliant, red fireball was described as a meteorite.