Thursday, September 22, 2011

Huge satellite - size of a bus to hit Earth tomorrow ! Ufo watch

NASA has announced that the giant Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite UARS with be hitting earth tomorrow!.Im assuming some may confuse the debris with a Ufo so this is just a warning where ever you are in the world to take this into consideration when you look up into the skies.

Being a huge six tonne satellite (the size of a bus) there is a 1 in 3200 chance it will hit land andmay actually injure or harm people should it impact in a populated area. Lets hope this does not happen.

Actual video of a pass of UARS satellite 8/9 days before atmospheric reentry, at an altitude of only 250km, taken from the ground with a 14" telescope:

News on the satellite:
A 20-year-old NASA satellite the size of a bus is NASA and the US Department of Defense are tracking the 35ft spacecraft, the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, or (UARS), as it heads towards the planet at five miles per second.

Experts say there is a one-in-3,200 risk of the six-ton space junk hitting someone.
However, its speed means that there will only be a 20-minute warning before it strikes.
Debris is expected to scatter across a 500-mile area, with the biggest chunk weighing 300lb, the weight of a large refridgerator.

The anticipated landing area spans cities as far north as Edinburgh and as far south as Cape Horn, on the southern coast of South America

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Maya_Man said...

The title here is somewhat misleading. The satellite WAS the size of a bus, but the pieces that might make it to earth (26 pieces large enough to survive re-entry) are well, each a fraction of that size. Nothing the size of a bus is striking the earth. The yield of 26 smaller pieces is nowhere near one bus-sized piece. The threat to life isn't whether or not there is a HUGE loss of life, but whether ANYONE will be harmed, which has never happened.

Anonymous said...

We all know, that what goes UP, must come DOWN!..and THAT, can be
everyones concern, so if your pissed off, & biting your fingernails, then after tomorrow
you may not be worried!:/
Good luck, Cheers! & peace!

myvorpal said...

Watch this while listening to the eagles song the journey of the sorcerer :)

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ Maya_Man. Nothing like hype to get the ratings flow.

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