Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ufo lights over house in Wenatchee in Washington September 2011

Some unusual type of craft filmed over a house in Wenatchee in Washington this month.
If anyone was in the area and can provide further information on what the craft was please respond to this post.
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Greg St. Pierre said...

Not bad. Might be a triangle.

Anonymous said...

over house? this thing is maybe 30 km away, who knows?

Anonymous said...

There was some today couldent get good footage but first there were 5 then 3 more then another 3 dissapered after a minute or 3

Anonymous said...

You're having to talk over the music. That i
s annoying.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the same thing tonight at midnight exactly. They looked to be about 15 miles east of Wenatchee. there were two and then 3 more individually following by about 30 seconds each. Not sure what it was; much too bright to be airplanes. It appeared that they were heading up and east, and I've never seen a plane that bright from the rear. Eerie

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