Thursday, September 22, 2011

Strange ufo ights above Catalonia Spain August 18 2011

A few people have sent us this video - we assume the objects may be chinese lanterns but we have decided to post for your feedback and comments. If you live in Catalonia we would like to hear from you if you can provide further information on this ovni sighting.
Posters comments:
Early in the evening of August 18 at 18:00 GMT, were observed for some time a group of three UFOs in the Catalonia sky Cataluña, right in the province of Tarragona.

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Anonymous said...

Chinese Lanterns would not stay stationary once they ascended high in the sky; the wind and air-current drafts would blow them all over the place (think of a kite). Of course i'm not sure what these are but since they appear very stationary I would say they are not Lanterns or balloons; anything that the wind would whip around easily once up 50 or 100 feet.

Anonymous said...

Sorry don't by it. looks like a hokes.
The objects stay stationary they don't split or move in strange formation. Good try.

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