Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ufos cause for alarm

ufos cause for alarm - "Cause for Alarm" recounts the recorded UFO encounters that have taken place near test ranges, air bases and nuclear power plants. Included: a widely reported July 1952 sighting over Washington, D.C. Also: the secret world of Area 51
UFOs: Cause for Alarm Part 1

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Part 2
UFOs Cause for Alarm Part 2

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Another great ufo documentary about the Foo Fighters

Vanishings! Foo Fighters

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Colored balls of light that teased German and Allied pilots, Foo Fighters maneuvered in and around bomber formations. After WWII, US pilots returned to base with tales of UFOs flying alongside a plane's wing before vanishing. In June 1953, an F-94C Starfire left Cape Cod to investigate an UFO siting. When control systems failed, the pilot and radar operator bailed out. The pilot landed safely, but the plane and radar operator disappeared. Foo Fighters, UFOs, or is there a rational explanation

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

An Excellent ufo video documentary ufos and the whitehouse

Another must watch - the Excellent ufo video documentary ufos and the whitehouse,
Shows you that the oval office and presidents from the last 50 years have infact been briefed on ufos and know much more than they are able to disclose.
UFOs and the White House Part I

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Part 2
UFOs and the White House Part II

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

great ufo documentary ufo hunters

ufo hunters - They look to the stars, to Earth, and within the human body. They are the UFO research elite that seek answers to the mysteries of the UFO phenomenon.
Part 1
UFO Hunters Part I

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Part 2
UFO Hunters Part II

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Monday, August 06, 2007

New website address

Hi all,
Firstly thanks for visiting the blog,
The blog now has a new easy to remember address so make sure you add it to your bookmarks now.
I appreciate all your comments and those who keep returning.
The sole purpose of this blog is to post only the most real and genuine ufo videos and news from around the globe - there is alot of bias out there and so i want to keep my posts as credible as possible for you guys.
I encourage you to post your views in the comments box and post links to any new great ufo videos. The blog been around for over a year now and is doing well so i will continue to stick to the best genuine ufo posts and news.
ohh and please come back as its updated daily now!
enjoy the blog

Sunday, August 05, 2007

When UFO's Arrive the best ufo documentary i have seen in ages

A must watch - This is the best ufo documentary i have seen in a while, it goes in the with previous post (read below this post) and shows the real book used by FEMA to brief and prepare staff of the government is preparing more ufo landings.
Part 1

Part 2 ...

FEMA's official brief for firefighters on ufos - does this prove ufos fo sure?

This is an interesting aticle which is stumbled across, seems to provide evidence that the government ackowledges ufos and infact knows alot about them:
A while ago the History Channel aired a series on UFO Files. In one episode, called “When UFO’s Arrive”, it detailed government protocols for reporting UFO phenomenon (VIDEO IN NEXT POST)

A really amazing part of the documentary shows an American disaster control manual that was once used in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) National Fire Training Academy Open Learning Program. The 1993 manual is called Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control (2nd ed.). It contains a shocking chapter on how “first responders” should manage incidents involving UFOs.

The chapter was written by one of the manual’s co-authors, Charles Bahme. Bahme was a security coordinator for the Chief of Naval Operations and was a Deputy Fire Chief for the city of Los Angeles. The author of several books on fire control and hazardous materials management, Bahme had been interested by UFOs since witnessing a UFO incident in Los Angeles in 1942.
Below is an extract:
In this chapter we will now turn our attention to the very real threat posed by Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), whether they exist or not. The well-documented and highly publicized War of the Worlds radio drama by Orson Welles shows how even a perceived existence to alien creatures can cause very real disaster-like conditions and panic among a given populace.Continue to read more here

The book can still be bought from amazon here