Monday, August 06, 2007

New website address

Hi all,
Firstly thanks for visiting the blog,
The blog now has a new easy to remember address so make sure you add it to your bookmarks now.
I appreciate all your comments and those who keep returning.
The sole purpose of this blog is to post only the most real and genuine ufo videos and news from around the globe - there is alot of bias out there and so i want to keep my posts as credible as possible for you guys.
I encourage you to post your views in the comments box and post links to any new great ufo videos. The blog been around for over a year now and is doing well so i will continue to stick to the best genuine ufo posts and news.
ohh and please come back as its updated daily now!
enjoy the blog
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Jarrett said...

Great posts as usual!

l2 said...

I'm not trying to bash this website, quite in the contrary, I think this website is pretty cool...

and I believe some UFO's are indeed extra-terrestrial vehicles.


I am starting to think it's acute wishful thinking demanding full disclosure from the government... I mean, they won't even tell us the truth about 9/11, so what in the are we thinking they are going to 'come clean' about the UFO subject.

Again, I'm not trying to bash this website, but I do want to be a bit of a realist too..

In the end this website serves little more than 'sedating' people who believe in UFO's. Let's face it, people who don't believe in UFO's are not going to check out websites like this (on any kind of regular basis). Those of us who do, are not really getting more out of it. We still believe they are real and we still remain at the same point.

Maybe the next UFO related website should be one filled with 'working protocols'. Meaning how to contact these extra-terrestrial folks (maybe some of them aren't even extra-terrestrial, but left this planet in some deep past).

Anyways... just putting out some (constructive I hope) thoughts.

Jarrett said...

This is true. But giving up isn't the answer either. The more people you have clung to an issue, the more attention you draw.

l2 said...

jarrett, point well taken.

However, I wasn't proposing to give up ;p but instead, taking it to the next level... close encounters of the fifth kind. >

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