Saturday, June 16, 2007

The famous ' ringed ' ufos - just what are they?

Black or white perfect rings of clouds are now being video tapped in clear skys in day light and filmed from all over the world, The final video (which i have posted before) explains possible how ufos form these clouds due to condensation around the crafts and they enter and leave from a high frequency state.
Black ring filmed in florida 1999

White Ring Cile 1999

black ring filmed in germany:

what are ring ufos?

Ufo in Florida June 2007

Quote from the filmer:" We saw these things all night from about 8pm to after 2am, when they first came they were very low in the sky and made only straight lines, after that the patterns were erratic. The jet appeared soon after 9 and appeared to circle around the lights, another jet came later, local police called what we saw drones, which they said were harmless bombs the jets were testin"

Friday, June 15, 2007

3 UFOS or are they debris ? sts-115 Filmed By nasa Astronauts

I am not sure about this one - anyone know if they were confirmed debris? -if not its a good one. They seem to be pulsating which is weird for foil.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Ufo's - the cause of many Jet crashes ?

It is well known that there is a high incidence of Ufo's seen near or prior to the crash of jets and commerical planes. Whether the ufos were the cause of these crashes is still under question, however it is hypothesized that as Ufo's may interefere with the EMF field, this may effect sensitive navigation and propulsion equipment on a plane or jet - temporarily stalling the plane and possibly leading to crashes if not restabilized. Debunkers argue that the ufos are actually just birds which get sucked into the planes engines and cause mechanical failure. - However many pilots dispute this as sightings report actual brightly lit large unidentified craft or small orbs aka ('foo fighters') that follow the planes. The below videos provide examples of this:

An RAF Lighning jet fighter disappears when approacjing a UFO. Pilot was never found after leaving RAF Binbrook in 1970:

CNN & euro tv reports Ufo's caused Jet Crash?

watch as the ufos pass below the Jet loses propulsion and crashes

Jets, Planes and Ufos (no crashes):

old video, no crash but shows how ufos track jets:

UFOs over Stirling City again

The Stirling City ufos revisited for thos who requested