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Chnl 5 Britians Closest ufo Encounters - Episode 2

Chnl 5 documentary Britians Closest ufo Encounters - Episode 2 (parts 3 and 4 next week)

Closeup of object over the Uk 29th June 08

This is a closeup of the objects seen over the Uk (i think) on the 29th of June.
These were labelled as lanterns by the media- what you guys think?

something seen over Barry, 2:10pm, Friday 11th 2008

could be a ballon - what you think guys?

posters comments
Gladstone Road, Barry, 2:10pm, Friday 11th 2008. I was in the van on the side of the road and my mate had just gone in the house. I turned my camera phone on (LG Viewty) to take some lovely pictures of me, hehe, but then I turned my video camera on bcoz I was waiting for my mate and wanted to play with something

Friday, July 11, 2008

U.F.O. passes too close to a PLANE

posters comments:
This plane was flying by my house and due to the APRIL 11, 2008 U.F.O. hovering near my home, I had my video camera handy. I managed to capture what appears a dark object passing too close to a plane. It came from up high in the sky towards the plane and it went back up again! The dark round circle going up towards the plane is visible but kind of blurry due to the distance , speed and camera lens, I was unable to get a detailed view. But you can clearly see this is no bird.

UFO - Wiltshire, UK, 2001 - too good to be real?

UFO cruising late night in Las Vegas 07-10-2008

Phoenix Lights UFO disclosure 19th july 2008 Sedona

Posters comments:
Dr. James R. Bartzen said he has indisputable proof that the so-called "Phoenix Lights" were a product of secret man-made technology being shielded from the public.

He works at the Russian-American Institute of Space Science."There are no theories, there is only evidence," Bartzen told ABC15. "The government desires people to believe in space aliens so they don't have to reveal the technologies that both we and the Russians have.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ufos over Jullet 2008

UFO squadron at night in is not a fleet of planes? France

Interersting ufo video - looks like a fleet of planes at night but acccording to the poster it wasn't planes at all:

Posters commments
July 2 1999, my mother was outside and called me for she see lights in the sky. It was 21 o'clock 30 / 22 o'clock 00. The sun was put to bed. I took out and I saw a group of nine luminous balls that described big circles, far behind the trees to the horizon, even very near towards our house, well underneath the cloudy cover. No noise, just a powerful breath towards the end. No fire of own signalization to the airplanes or hélicos (and I many other visible passed the night towards at my place!) We passed on the terrace for more better to see. During a moment, I hesitated between to continue to look at and descend to look for the camescope. I am finally to be going to look for the matos, and I was able filmed that during the some seconds of the last passage of the "OVNI". With the crisis of euphoria subite of my mother to the object passage in premium...

The hypothesis of the patrol of France to training was denied just as well by aeronautics passionés as by pilots of this one to that I showed this film. A more detailed report of my observation was published in "Lights in the night" N°380, under the name of the "Lights of Venelles" (report to the "Lights of Lubbock"). Curious thing: someone filmed something identical on the region, but to another place, 4 years later (Below preceding film):

Tornado scared off UFO in Lancashire ?

Another very interesting photo and article from the Sun in their continual UFO column:

Here's an extract of the article :

A TORNADO may have scared off a UFO about to land in Lancashire, a dad who snapped the bizarre incident said last night.Pat Regan was nearly blown over as he photographed the twister during a fishing trip. But it wasn’t until he got home and enlarged the image on his PC that he spotted the UFO.

Mythology writer Pat, 51, who was with his daughter Jasmine, seven, said: “I noticed this weird speck. I blew it up and there it was — a UFO hovering right beside the twister.

“It’s a perfect disc shape and greenish in colour. If it was a little green man he probably took one look at the weather and thought twice about landing!”


Water Powered cars seriously work - say goodbye to Oil !

Guys a unrelated Ufo Post but as always highly relevant to your lives:
It may come to a shock to many people but did you know that water powered cars are now a reality and are going into mass production ? - and yes before you blink your eyes - i did say WATER powered cars! - With all the hysteria about rising petrol prices and greenhouse gases, both the government and media have lead us to think that our current situation is simply hopeless because of they can't find an effective alternative to our over reliance on oil - but this is not true at all.

You may have remembered the post i did on Stan Meyer back ages ago (if not read it) - he was the guy who developed the car that ran on water but died suspiciously after he got media attention in the mid 90's and a week after he passed away all of his experiments, including his hydrogen car were mysteriously stolen from his house!. At the time modern science labelled his claims as pseudoscience and he was defamed by a court case saying his ideas were flawed. Thus the powers that be hoped that was last you would here of the Meyer device....

Well thanks to the Internet and the leaking of his inventions over the last few years many self motivated inventors world wide have applied his technology and developed it further. Infact - hundreds of people world wide have now replicated the Meyer device, powering their cars for free on water - proving that it indeed works!. To date momentum has gained to a point where kits are being sold all over the world to enable you to convert your car to water and larger companies are putting the technology into mass production:

The device basically uses high frequency electricity to induce super fast electrolysis of water. As you may know current science believes that electrolysis (breaking down of water into hydrogen & oxygen) is a very slow process - however what they never told you at school in science was electrolysis can be super accelerated with addition high frequency energy -as demonstrated in hundreds of Meyer device recreations worldwide - high frequency current accelerates the breaking of covalent water bonds exponentially - yielding masses of hydrogen gas very quickly. So basically this means massive & instantaneous generation of energy available on the go!.

Obviously the ability to quickly produce massive amounts of energy from a source that is as free and widely available as water is a serious threat existence oil companies. They rely upon you and me to go back to fuel stations every week to make sure their daily billion dollar profits remain steady and unrelenting. So Naturally they have made sure that suppressing this technology remains their number 1 priory : Using their tremendous wealth and power they have gone to all levels of government , including influencing the DOE who sets up guide lines to design of modern car. And even to this day the threats to implementing the Meyer device remain very real - as noted by one researcher:

''After Every Water Car inventor, who once has car is advertised on TV or Newspaper, suddenly has the DOE, FBI, Sheriff, or IRS show up at their door, they tell you to stop with your car. They take your water car experiment away. They tear apart your garage looking for plans parts, everything you have may have been working on. Some get bought out. Some are poisoned. No joke. Or they disappear. Hard to believe, but I had heard this over and over again."'

Your can now learn how to make the Meyer device yourself with the complete water powered manual here

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Actual Police UFO 911 call in Wales UK

Ufos are simply non stop in the UK still at the moment. In this recording Police investigate ufo emergency call in Wales UK in June 08:

ufo over stoke plymouth UK

Another day another UFo in the UK!:

Close up of the UFO Over Southampton in the UK

Just a nice zoom in of the Southampton ufo:

crop circles of 2008

the best crop circles so far in 2008 :

Crops 2008
Uploaded by TAJbear

Britain's Closest UFO Encounters - Episode 1 new doco

Brand new 2008 documentary series examining the most astonishing and baffling UFO stories from around the UK. In 1974, locals near the Berwyn mountain range in Wales experienced an earthquake and reported seeing green lights in the sky:

BBC: Britain's Closest UFO Encounters - Episode 1

UFO reasons to believe- Proof of a UFO cover up ?

A UFO group filed a law suit against the CIA and their involvement with UFOs, The CIA lost and was ordered by the judge search their files. A total of 10,000 pages were found, But only 900 released:

Ufo over christchurch new zealand

Monday, July 07, 2008

Physicists voice Dangers of CERN LHC - are Ufos now monitoring it?

Hey guys,
Someone reported in the forum recently that they have seen ufos over the CERN LHC in geneva. The sightings seem to tie in with the legitimate concerns from physicists all over the world that the LHC really has potential to create a black hole (see video report below). Maybe the Ufos are monitoring the LHC - like they reportedly have done with nuclear silos, to ensure we don't stuff the world up ?

Sighting report:
I Have been staying in Thoiry, France for the past three months, and this morning at about 5:00am, i had my third UFO sighting since i've been here. The little village of thoiry is about 7 minutes drive from the headquarters of CERN which straddle the Swiss/French border, and being that there is very little around this area (apart from CERN) that may be of to interest to someone(or something) thats watching, i wonder if CERN is being surveyed.. especially since they're getting ready to launch the controversial LHC experiment, the product of which remains very unsure...
Physicists voice Dangers with Cern - :
pt 1

pt 2

Interesting Triangle UFO

I remember posting this one ages ago guys,
Its still interesting, can anyone validate this video, location & authenticity?

Sunday, July 06, 2008

UFO Sighting on a Beach in Maine July 2008

posters comments
Fortunately I had my phone with me because I managed to capture a short video of this thing. The glowing object seemed to do slow semi-circles in the air for almost half an hour. It had a golden light emanating from inside of it and made no sound. Then it disappeared into the distance at a high speed. My skeptical friends and I really have no explanation...

UFO over Houston, Texas, July 4, 2008

This is a very stange one guys, filmed on July 4 2008 over Houston Texas, it doesn't fit the shape of a normal triangle ufo so not sure about this, but still interesting:

Roswell - new evidence of ufo Cover up, Larry King July 3rd 2008

Posters comments:
Lieutenant Walter Haut was the public relations officer at the base in 1947 and was the man who issued the original and subsequent press releases after the crash on the orders of the base commander, Colonel William Blanchard. Haut died last year but left a sworn affidavit to be opened only after his death.Last week, the text was released and asserts that the weather balloon claim was a cover story and that the real object had been recovered by the military and stored in a hangar.

He described seeing not just the craft, but alien bodies.He wasn't the first Roswell witness to talk about alien bodies.Local undertaker Glenn Dennis had long claimed that he was contacted by authorities at Roswell shortly after the crash and asked to provide a number of child-sized coffins.

When he arrived at the base, he was apparently told by a nurse (who later disappeared) that a UFO had crashed and that small humanoid extraterrestrials had been recovered.But Haut is the only one of the original participants to claim to have seen alien bodies.

Similar UFO Indiana, USA, June 23, 2008 & Kiev, Ukraine - 2|26|08

This UFO over Indiana, USA filmed on June 23, 2008 looks simialr to the below one

Possible triangle ufo above Keiv (Kyiv), Ukraine, Feb, 26th 2008?

UFO over Barranquilla, Colombia ?

Credit regards to translation goes to this link on Member “Camilo1” as the author of the translation.
Man: What do reckon?. Do you see the lights are distributed... In the right upper part you may see a red one, you can also see other lights and two lights at the center
Woman: Very pretty, looks like a crown
Man: Very pretty, indeed a crown
Man: What could it mean?.
Man:I should plug this into my TV, (referring to the video) it would show it bigger.
Woman: (there are people) that could tell us for sure.
Man: You can now see it above the city, and the city lights. I`m zooming in
Voices in the back (inaudible)
Woman: You can really see it.
Man: lights
Woman lights
Man: What is this object doing being still in the sky?. Could it be a trick of light?. It is an object with lights. It does not move. What on earth could it be?.
Man No. 2: It remains still
Man: Could it be that there are more people watching this?.
Man: How would you describe this?
Man: They shine