Sunday, July 06, 2008

UFO over Barranquilla, Colombia ?

Credit regards to translation goes to this link on Member “Camilo1” as the author of the translation.
Man: What do reckon?. Do you see the lights are distributed... In the right upper part you may see a red one, you can also see other lights and two lights at the center
Woman: Very pretty, looks like a crown
Man: Very pretty, indeed a crown
Man: What could it mean?.
Man:I should plug this into my TV, (referring to the video) it would show it bigger.
Woman: (there are people) that could tell us for sure.
Man: You can now see it above the city, and the city lights. I`m zooming in
Voices in the back (inaudible)
Woman: You can really see it.
Man: lights
Woman lights
Man: What is this object doing being still in the sky?. Could it be a trick of light?. It is an object with lights. It does not move. What on earth could it be?.
Man No. 2: It remains still
Man: Could it be that there are more people watching this?.
Man: How would you describe this?
Man: They shine
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Nick dk said...

Just some kind of tower i think

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