Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama appoints new Director of CIA Leon Panetta - signals Ufo disclosure ?

Obama's choice of new Cia director Leon Panetta means great news for the Ufo community and disclosure but bad news for the intelligtence community and those against disclosure.

For those who don't know Panetta is close to John Podesta who served as Panetta’s deputy during the Clinton Administration. Podesta became Clinton’s Chief of Staff from 1998-2001. Podesta now serves on the co-chair of Obama’s transition team and the selection of Panetta is likely due to Podesta’s influence. (Note Below extracts from this article )

The choice of Panetta to direct the CIA speaks very strongly about Obama's strategy for an open goverment & Ufo disclosure. Podesta who chose the new CIA director has long been an outspoken advocate of Open Government. Infact On September 16, 2008, he gave a speech before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution titled “Too Much Secrecy Puts Our Nation at Risk.”

Podesta helped create the Clinton Administration’s efforts to implement greater government openness through the passage of Executive Order 12958. Passed on April 17 1995, EO 12958 made it easier to declassify national security information that had been unnecessarily classified for decades. The Bush administration later neutralized key sections of EO 12958 thereby making it harder to declassify documents. Less well known is that in October 22, 2002, Podesta petitioned for the release of UFO files that had been unnecessarily classified. He said: "I think it's time to open the books on questions that have remained in the dark on the question of government investigations of UFOs.” source

Podesta speaks at the national press club in washington about the need for UFO disclosure :

Your votes have worked ! - UFO files to be released under Obama Open Government Memoranda

Stop the press all !

I just wanted to congratulate each and everyone of you who voted on for the Ufo Disclosure. President Obama has listened to our concerns on Ufo disclosure and he has respondly swiftly with an Presidential Memorandum for an Open Government to enable full Ufo disclosure!: (extracts from this article)
The White House Office of the Press Secretary released a statement outlining the astonishing changes to be implemented by the Obama administration. In the Presidential Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government, and the Presidential Memorandum on the Freedom of Information Act, President Obama instructed :

"... all members of his administration to operate under principles of openness, transparency and of engaging citizens with their government. To implement these principles and make them concrete, the Memorandum on Transparency instructs three senior officials to produce an Open Government Directive within 120 days directing specific actions to implement the principles in the Memorandum. And the Memorandum on FOIA instructs the Attorney General to in that same time period issue new guidelines to the government implementing those same principles of openness and transparency in the FOIA context.....

furthermore Obama said...

For a long time now, there's been too much secrecy in this city. The old rules said that if there was a defensible argument for not disclosing something to the American people, then it should not be disclosed. That era is now over. Starting today, every agency and department should know that this administration stands on the side not of those who seek to withhold
information but those who seek to make it known. "- Go Obama!!

Source article - read More

Obama knows that the public have had it with the decades of US government Ufo secrecy and they will no longer tolerate a culture of secrecy and coverups. Even the media are catching onto the general consensus that the public can see through the goverments lies and are much more informed on the topic than they were even 10 years ago...

Sadly however, as i have posted before, many presidents (especially Bill Clinton) have tried to start the Ufo disclosure'' ball rolling" only to be shut down due to intense pressure from the military and the shadow US government. There's even some concerns that some presidents got into serious trouble when they even tried to approach the topic. However, Obama's request for an Open government gets at the very core of the problem - ie a complete ''culture change'' within all levels with the backing of high level policy changes to do with freedom of information. Lets only hope that these strong intentions come into act with broad sweeping policy changes and thorough investigations - afterall they have had over 60 years to coverup the topic so theres a massive amount of data to go through to reveal the truth.

I would really like to know your comments on this news people...

Massive UFO Space Object Skims the Sun

Any comments on this one people ... This news clip shows something unidentified at this stage that flys into the sun, skims of it and keeps going:

Friday, January 23, 2009

Recent UFO Radar spotting over Stuttgart, Germany

Hi Everyone,
a nice reader forwarded on this interesting translated article from a recent ufo airport radar report in germany
- traveling at a speed of 50 knots (92,6 km per hour)....NO PLANE !!!
- A pilot described seeing lights above him as he was approaching the airport. He said the lights were approximately at a height of 2000 meters.
- The object was on radar twice :
1.) from 9:00 pm to 9:42 pm, then all of sudden vanished
2.) 10:00 pm , 90 km away from Stuttgart ...
--> object must have traveled at about 320 km/h in that time...
- helicopter was send out to check if there was a plane crash
click here to read the translated article

The need for Government Ufo disclosure

An old video - just an reiterating the need for Government Ufo disclosure

UFO / Military Coverup

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ufo over lancashire 18th Jan 2009

Is this a Ufo guys ? ... seen over lancashire Uk on the 18th Jan 2009

Ufos sightings getting closer says Jaime Maussan

Ufo reporter says Ufo sightings reveal objects are getting closerto humans. Infact in this clip Jamie Maussan reveals a ufo that keeps coming closer and closer, it was in the middle of the city in mexico and 100's of people saw it - any comments people?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gary McKinnon given a reprieve of a few weeks

Good news is in (kind of) for Gary McKinnon the famous NASA Ufo Hacker..

Extract from this article:

His extradition was postponed until 15 February yesterday while Keir Stamer, the new Director of Public Prosecutions, reviews the case.

The news came as the High Court in London heard his lawyers call for a judicial review of his case, on the grounds that his Asperger's syndrome was not taken into account when the Home Secretary first granted his extradition.

Speaking outside the court, McKinnon, of Wood Green, north London, said: "It's been a good day overall. For a change it's slightly good news – a little ray of hope."

Earlier, his counsel warned that the 42-year-old would be a suicide risk if he was sent to an American prison. Edward Fitzgerald said McKinnon was "a seriously disordered person", whose health would suffer if he were sent so far away from his family.

He said the danger would increase if McKinnon were held in harsh conditions in a maximum-security prison, where he faces up to 70 years in jail for hacking into US government and Nasa computers.

read more - source

Video from the recent Gary Mckinnon Autism press Conference:

Strange objects

Weird little video .. any opinions guys?

Obama Inauguration Day 2009 Speech

Barack Obama Inauguration Day 2009 speech

Stay Tunned .. Gary McKinnon Final Court proceedings start today

As you know guys the final say on what happens to Gary McKinnon (famous NASA Ufo hacker) starts today with his case being finalised in the Royal Courts of Justice, 10.30am, Tuesday 20th January 2009.
As you know the case was delayed to the date of the inauguration of president Obama and this move was seen to improve Garys chances with the new administration and president being sworn in
Please stay tuned to Gary's site for the final say on what happens to him.

UFO sighting over the sky of Tehran - IRAN sep 2008

Interesting Ufo video everyone .. any comments?

Posters comments:
I took this video on Sep. 2008 in the sky of Tehran. Also I took the IR shots to determine the probability of heat based engine on this thing. As you can see there is no trace of jet engine. I am not sure whether it is extraterrestrial UFO or not, but it was silent and stable in the sky for about 15 mins without any move and then suddenly moved with the high speed and disappeared without any noise.
There was two of them but the first one left after 5 mins.
I wondered if it's spy-plane but no such a plane has lights.
I saw this thing two times. And also look at it through telescope, it was completly V-shaped UFO and the body was not visible due to its lights.

ufos report over alto texas 16 th Jan 2009

News report of Ufo over alto texas 16 th Jan 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CNNs attempt at looking at Ufos

Although pathetic, CNN does a little feature on Ufos - please spare us the ridicule CNN - why does the media always have to make light of the Ufo topic - what are they so scared of?

Large Blue Meteors crashing in saudi Arabia Jan 9 and Sweden jan 20 & germany - ufos ?

Here's the story on the meteors from Saudi Arabia , its seems weird this story is coming out just as a large blue meteor was reported over sweden today and also the same thing was seen & reported  over northern Germany (translated)

Sweden / German Meteor: - 20th of Jan 2009

Saudi Meteor Jan 9:

Sourced from an extract of this article:
Astonishing events are occuring around the world and not as much as a word about them is being written or said in the West. In Saudi Arabia last week what might well have be a UFO, possibly crashing into earth, was witnessed by literally millions of people in the vicinity. Multiple photos of the object have come to light.
Arabic language forums are abuzz with Saudi citizens claiming to have witnessed what is even being described by some in the normally conservative Saudi Arabian press as a possible UFO either crashing to earth or simply executing manoeuvres designed to scare humans. Others are claiming the object was an Asteroid or a Satellite. Witnesses are reported to be waiting for an explanation from local meteorological bureau’s but have received no answers yet.
One witness Khalid commented ‘No one has ever seen anything like it’

read more - Source
If anyone know more about this story or if you live in Saudi Arabia please advise if you saw the big meteor:
Heres an extract from this translated arabic article:

A large meteor exploded amid a climate of the eastern half of the Kingdom of lights

D. Abdulla Al-Misnad Unaizah dialogue - Abdulrahman Baqmi  Shocked many people in the region of Central and East on Wednesday to see the scenery He saw a great divine optical large numbers, the burning of a large asteroid in the sky to draw the attention of
Horrified people and raised many questions and inquiries carried by the (Riyadh) directly to a colleague Dr. Abdulla Al-Misnad faculty member, Department of Geography University of Qassim, a researcher with the Astronomical The general supervisor of the mobile channel Riyadh that, through this dialogue: @ At the outset exactly what happened Saturday night?

- According to sources in the limited scientific information about what happened, it was too early to determine what happened Morocco last Wednesday, exactly, but the analysis of hundreds of observations in dozens of cities And the provinces, and the limited images and strongly suggest that the offense of a large space (asteroid) entered Cover Air over the airspace of the Kingdom (Central), will be at the fifth and fifty minutes ago, And at speeds of up to 235,000 kilometers per hour, and when he entered the atmosphere and friction Bdhirat Elements of invasive temperature rose to more than 2500 degrees Celsius, which then began burning The naked eye, which is seen at an altitude of up to 80 kilometers, and the color is mixed between
White and blue and green, before reaching the Earth's surface will the mercy of God towards His slaves to explode At high altitudes of up to 28 meters, according to preliminary calculations based on the achievement of sound speed The viewer.

Multiple ufo lights over Melbourne Australia 20th Jan 2009

there is buzz around tonight about the big lights seen over melbourne australia. Anyone else here down under see any lights? if you have Please respond to this post... maybe they are meteors as well?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Et's are real - Astronaut Edgar Mitchell on Uk radio 16th of Jan 2009

Edgar Mitchell talks yet again about Ufos and Et's 16th of Jan 2009

ET Is Real Ed Mitchell on UK Radio Jan 16 2009

UFO Footage Taken Kunming China 1998

On Saturday, October 3, 1998, the Han family visited a mountainside cemetery on the outskirts of Kunming, a large city in China's Yunnan province, 1,050 kilometers (630 miles) southwest of Shanghai.

While they were paying their respects to their ancestors, "at about 11:50 a.m., Han took a look back into downtown Kunming and all of a sudden discovered an extremely dazzling object flying over the city. He tracked the flying object with his video camera and shot about three minutes of videotape of the UFO."

The object, which emitted "a dazzling light," first took "the shape of a blazing ball surrounded by two pieces of black rubber, and then five diamond- shaped objects flying in a diamond formation, said Han. This process continued for more than ten minutes." (See the newspaper Guangzhou Morning Post for October 16, 1998, "UFO over Kunming," by Alan Zhang. Many thanks to Stig Agermose for forwarding this newspaper article.)

In Addition: The whole process of its transformation and final disappearance lasted about two minutes.

The UFO could change color. At first it was silver, then became lighter, then turned orange. Strangely, about half a minute later, with a flash of light it changed shape
from a cylinder to the disk shape usually associated with flying saucers.

After viewing Han's video, some Chinese scientists affirmed its research value. A member of Beijing's "Chinese UFO Reseach Association" said that although there have been a number of videos of UFOs in all parts of the world, few filed sightings are as long as two minutes. Over the last two decades, China has gathered thousands of eyewitness accounts of UFOs. Some say the perpose of publicizing this video was to tell everyone that UFOs have an objective existence in the material world and we humans should pay attention and strengthen our investigations and research.


UFO seen and flimed by eight firefighters in China

Here's an extract taken from this new interesting article:
A remarkable UFO was seen and filmed in China by an entire squadron of fire-fighters in Liu Pan Shui City in the province of Guizhou through a camera with a 700X zoom capability. One of the fire-fighters, Wang Jia Wei, noticed an odd looking, brightly flashing star moving in a south easterly direction and went inside the fire-fighters barracks to get a camera.

Luckily for Wang he was able to find a Panasonic camera used by his comrades to record damage caused by fires that allowed him to zoom in on the mysterious object seven hundred times. At that point Wang could see that the object was in fact two rotating spinning top shaped crafts or halves of a whole craft joined at a their bases. They were flashing a multitude of colours: Purple, red, blue, orange, white and gold.
Wang then called his eight fellow fire-fighters out and they observed the slow moving craft for almost an hour until the craft suddenly vanished.
20 minutes of footage was recorded and have been showed to Chinese reporters.

The footage has been handed to government astrological departments for further analysis.

source - read more

US Airways Hudson Plane crash - 2009

As spectacular footage is coming in of the Hudson river plane crash it makes you think just how vulnerable planes are to mid air collisions and engine failure. Apparently the crash was Caused from birds in the engine. So the question i have is if something as simple as birds cause engine failure - could Ufos also pose a major threat to passenger aircraft?

Vatican says Ufos and Et's are real

As i have posted many times guys the Vatican has strong views when it comes to Ufos and Et's. Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a theologian member of the Vatican Curia (governing body), and an insider close to the Pope, has gone on Italian national television five times, including recent months, to proclaim that extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon. Balducci provided an analysis of extraterrestrials that he feels is consistent with the Catholic Church's understanding of theology. Monsignor Balducci emphasizes that extraterrestrial encounters "are NOT demonic, they are NOT due to psychological impairment, they are NOT a case of entity attachment, but these encounters deserve to be studied carefully. Here he speaks openly on Italian TV about Et's:


As you may know Guys Edmonton was the scene for the large meteor a month back. Now a strange object was seen hovering over the region again a few days ago on Jan the 14th - was it a Ufo ?- you decide:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Recap - Texas Ufo Report from October 23 2008

Posted this one ages ago, its a good report so decided to post again ... The clip shows multiple witnesses to a ufo sighting followed by a sighting of 7 jet fighters. As you know jets and helicopters always follow ufos (not the other way around - as they military expects you often to believe!)

Ufo over LOUISIANA ARKANSAS 15th Jan 2009 ?

Was this strange craft a Ufo - over LOUISIANA ARKANSAS filmed 15th of Jan 2009

UFOs Around Merseyside England

An old news report about UFOs Around Merseyside in the Uk

Latest new Ufo Hunters Alien Fallout 2009

Always interesting this new episode of Ufo Hunters is great: In December of 1980,near Houston, Texas, two woman and a boy were buzzed by a diamond-shaped object so hot it burned the women. The craft was allegedly circled by helicopters before moving away. The witnesses claim they saw (23) helicopters looking for something; others saw a craft moving over the trees. Later, both women suffered mysterious illnesses and death. The surviving boy, Colby, describes the craft spewing flame and heat at their car, and one of the women got out, fascinated. Other witnesses also suffered illness. A doctor opines that the symptoms the women had indicates radiation poisoning...
pt 1

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4

pt 5

Carl Sagan - Ufos and an astronomer

Carl Sagan as may know is the famous astronomer who contributed much to science with his unqiue views and appinions on the universe. Famous for his 1997 movie and novel 'contact' featuring Jodie Foster, Carl had many ideas about Ufos. Carl believed in ufo disclosure and was quoted as saying "some UFO reports and analyses, and perhaps voluminous files, have been made inaccessible to the public which pays the bills ... It's time for the files to be declassified and made generally available."

Also of interest In 1966, Sagan was a member of the Ad Hoc Committee to Review Project Blue Book, the U.S. Air Force's UFO investigation project. The committee concluded Blue Book had been lacking as a scientific study, and recommended a university-based project to give the UFO phenomenon closer scientific scrutiny. The result was the Condon Committee (1966–1968), led by physicist Edward Condon, and in their final report they formally concluded that UFOs, regardless of what any of them actually were, did not behave in a manner consistent with a threat to national security.