Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Triangular UFOs over Wrexham

Just in guy s... here's an extract from this interesting article and Video on the Ufo:

STRANGE, dazzling lights flying slowly through the night sky have been reported near Wrexham, sparking a new UFO scare.

The incident, the latest in a long line of sightings in the town, is strengthening claims that the town is fast becoming a UFO hotspot.

Janet Bancroft, 28, and partner Mark Pluke, 24, both witnessed the dazzling lights from their home on Maes-y-Ficerdy, Rhos, after Mark had gone to put the rubbish out.

Janet said: "It was really strange. They formed into a 'V' shape and then into a triangle which sort of got bigger and bigger."

read more from source and video
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nick dk said...

I see 3 dots in formation AT THE MOST!!!

Anonymous said...

Date:15th October 20:40 I can see 2 lights one large one small from the direction of Wrexham.

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