Sunday, August 05, 2007

When UFO's Arrive the best ufo documentary i have seen in ages

A must watch - This is the best ufo documentary i have seen in a while, it goes in the with previous post (read below this post) and shows the real book used by FEMA to brief and prepare staff of the government is preparing more ufo landings.
Part 1

Part 2 ...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great documentary!

Anonymous said...

It seems this "documentary" is striving to instill fear of some kind of "invasion." If there was going to be said invasion wouldn't it have occurred when our defenses were much weaker?

Anonymous said...

great documentary.i love these ones,keep up the great work guys and gals.

Anonymous said...

This was excellent--informative, somewhat reassuring, somewhat infuriating as it demonstrates how the government keeps our secrets as its own. Good production values and intelligent throughout. Thanks for it!

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