Sunday, September 18, 2011

UFO over Ballinger, Texas 9/14/2011

UFO over Ballinger Texas once again on the busy Ufo day of September 14th >

Posters comments:
Around 9:00pm on September 14th, 2011 in the small town of Ballinger, Tx a loud explosion-type sound shook the town's residents. Everyone went outside to see if there was a fire somewhere or if it was thunder but the skies were clear. To the south mysterious lights appeared. Very hard to explain how they looked but one light would appear then it seemed another would come out of that light until there was light eight lights total. Then the lights just disappeared
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Anonymous said...

Could it be explained, that the "first light," might have been a portal, that the other lights had emerged from, and the loud explosion,that was heard, may have been the displacement of air caused by the first light being
THE PORTAL!!...the other lights that disappeared, it could be said,
they had CLOAKED, and are still around some where..How else,could one explain what was seen!? Except to say,..I don't know!!

This is just a concept!

Another concept, could have been that, there is a war going on up there, 200 miles up..and that a craft might have exploded!!...if you are in doubt of this, and I don't blame you, AT ALL!!

Checkout:..."ED Grimsley's" videos
on night vision binoculars,
That will raise your eyebrows!:)

Kibby said...

Wait a min, is that what NASA keeps telling us a while ago that we should expect a falling satellite? Naturally, when they enter earth's astomphere, they should explode into pieces and burn up during the entry?

Anonymous said...

nykyään luulis saavan parepia todisteita ufoista mutta se todistaa että filmit ovat feikkejä

Anonymous said...

Has the film been ent anywhere for analysis? Check radar returns? Attemp any kind of verification that might lead to identification as a tru UFO?

Anonymous said...

No eipä se mitään todista ja aika nopeasti lyöt maahan parit videot täällä heh.

Ty uploader.

Anonymous said...

To comment at 6.30am:)

It would be helpful if you would
speak "english"..AS WELL!!
for the rest of us. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a bunch of things in a group, they accelerate simultaneously into the same direction, they dissapear when they reach light speed one by one. There is a bigger one that takes a little longer to accelerate.

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