Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Washer shaped Ufo near ISS?

Just what is the round shaped object filmed near the international space station?
Some form of debris?

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Randall said...

Once again this video is also not new. Found original from July of 2010. What prompted me to question this clip? If it is new let's say within the last couple weeks that couldn't be possible since they shut down the shuttle mission.

Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

Randall!!...What about the ISS. onboard cameras?...yes?

Anonymous said...

some of this can be explained most of it is questionable due to the fact that it is hard to not say some of these sounds were planted in the recording and the ones by the water sound like ship and fog horns and some of them sound like wind while recording.

Kibby said...

This is really neat! There was a video from long time ago.. Someone filmed up in sky using night vision and it had that same craft (circular shaped object with hole inside) travelling in one direction.

Anonymous said...

SLOW DOWN!!..rong video......?

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