Wednesday, October 22, 2008

UFO Disclosure going full steam now - Nick Pope on the UK MOD

Guys the main stream media is picking up the story on the new UK MOD Ufo files and the coverage has gone worldwide. Ex Uk ministry of Defense officer Nick pope , talks below on the latest release of the files on ABC primtime. It seems the Uk government is following europes stance towards full disclosure about the Ufo phenmenon:
October 20, 2008 ABC Nightline :
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Lich said...

Sometime i think its pointless to become interest about UFOs for normal peoples, because they cant do anything even when known everything. Government have business keep silence about any possible threats, to avoid mass panic and anarchy.

IsraeliSkeptic said...

So, if that's full disclosure, it seems governments don't have any knowledge about UFOs. They admit there's something there, but they can't say if its alien or not.

Do you believe that?

Anonymous said...

Nick Pope is THE MAN !

I belive that a cover up exist
among selected idividuals at the
Pentagon. They know more than
anybody else about Ufos (included that the Ufos turned somtimes violent). Other Governaments know
just little. A changement in the US
politic will for shure result in
the so awaited disclosure.
Millions of often high credible individuals saw Ufos.
Me included.

Liumingke said...

By the end of this year we will see several UFO up close in all it's glory. It won't be some fuzzy, far away, blurring picture or video. Mark my words. Don't trust the governments. Look at where we are at now with the financial and housing crisis.

l2 said...

Nick Pope is a governmental disinfo agent who STILL HOLDS TOP SECRET CLEARANCE!


Anonymous said...

I think Mr.Pope loyality to the
MOD is strong, and he admit it.
He says he cannot discuss unpublished X-Files neither those
that will never published.
I suspect the secret X-Files to be
an unpleasent reading: maybe ufos
downed aircrafts, militaries and
civilians, and so on.
Note: I am not British nor I live
in UK. I simply respect moderate
Ufologists as I think Mr.Pope is.

Anonymous said...

This is just crumbs they are throwing at people. The government is so compartmentalized that top secret stuff never gets out and it's only those who don't know in the government who are doing this. Their policy is one of secrecy forever they will never admit to what they are doing. The government is in cahoots with aliens and has created these freaky ufos themselves they will never admit to this. Because they are damn liars.

Anonymous said...

See, here's what I don't understand...

The footage of the Turkey UFO's is to be show in full length at some festival. BUT EVERY TIME there is a private showing, it NEVER gets to US.

Eg. Peckman's alien? WTF. Where the hell is it? We have a bullshit version everywhere online. But WHERE is the one he SHOWED FER FUCK?!?!

The supposed AMAZING footage from the Irish UFO show. We got something online that MIGHT be it, but no one can say for fuckin' sure.

And now this. They only show it at events because they want to charge the admission and make some dough.

Anonymous said...

Vatikan is saying that aliens are god's creatures too. Is it "safe exit" for all religions if in the near future we see stronger evidence that aliens do exist and do visit the earth?

Anonymous said...

There are no such things as UFOs - anyone who makes a website about UFOs is truly wasting their pathetic life. People need to put the crack pipe down and chuck their weed down the toilet and wake the f up. Get a job while you're at it and do something to help real people instead of following this bullshit made up fantasy.

ruud said...

mister debunker (anonymous) says 'There are no such things as UFOs' hey do your homework before you post such a stupid reaction.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm not interested in the stuff that is disclosed. I am interested in the stuff that isn't disclosed.

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