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Anonymous said...

could be latterns

Anonymous said...

thst shits real man, like some utes in peckham are gona make up some shit like that

Anonymous said...

pikeys and chavs! what u expect!

Anonymous said...

looks very much like Chinese Paper Lanterns, from the height they first appear and move at the right speed and gain altitude from left to right.


Anonymous said...

lanterns floating in the sky? really now, come on... that is totally out of the ordinary. if you walked outside of your home and saw these things in the sky, would you say "hmm i think those are chinese paper lanterns flying in the air?" i think you would be way more perplexed than that. i say these things are something else.

Anonymous said...

I have come across quite a few UFO sightings that look exactly the same as this in the UK in the last few years and all (bar one) we traced to near by weddings/birthday party's where people were lighting and setting off lanterns.

I even traveled to Wales on short notice one night as a friend told me he was attending an engagement party and they were setting lanterns off just so I could see them at first hand from a distance.

So I am not saying these 'ARE' lanterns but i am 99% certain they are.

They have also become very easy to get hold of here in the UK in the last few years thanks to Ebay and other websites.and they are pretty cheap.


Anonymous said...

My name is not importnat.

What is important is this.

Aliens are living amongst us and have infiltrated all countries govts.

They are the ultra rich, the bankers, the advisors to human presidents.

There is still time to stop them. They are using an ultra high frequency to disguise themselves.

You can only see them when wearing special sunglasses.

They are making the atmosphere more polluted like theirs. They dislike pure oxygen.

They have the perfect control grid in place. We are watched at all times.

You have been warned.

-A friend

Anonymous said...

Oh anonymous, that's just like the plot to the movie They Live, if you're gonna try and make people look foolish, atleast do something original.

Anonymous said...

I saw these myself in wimbeldon. I have footage - have a look.

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