Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kansas City UFO Sightings on the Rise June 12, 2009

Do you live in Kansas city and did you recently witness the Ufo over UMKC? RealUfos wants to know ... please respond to this post. This video looks at the recent sighting there:

On May 31, witnesses saw two unidentified objects near the UMKC campus. A man reported it to MUFON, Mutual UFO Network, and gave investigators a drawing of what he saw.

"He grew up on military bases and couldn't identify it at all," said Margie Kay, Director of KC MUFON.
Kay said sightings like the one at UMKC are on the rise since the start of the year. They used to get one or two sightings a month. Now, it's one or two a day.
"It's keeping us all too busy. Yes. At one point a couple of months ago I received 11 reports on the same day," said Kay.

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