Saturday, August 07, 2010

Lady takes photo of Ufo over Abercynon wales UK

A lady comes forward with a interesting story and a photo of a ufo over Abercynon in Wales in 2004:

Extract article form wales online :
When Cardiff UFO chaser Jane McCarthy took photographs near Abercynon in 2004, she thought she'd snapped nothing more than the view across the Valley town.

But closer inspection revealed she saw something she believes is out of this world.
The 56-year-old and her husband Chris had taken a day off work and had headed up to the beauty spot hoping to spot UFOs. The only craft they saw was an unmarked black helicopter.

"It's like we knew something was happening", she said.

"There are two areas we went to. One is in Pontypridd overlooking Devil's Tooth, the other is Devil's Tooth itself.

"When we took photographs of Devil's Tooth, there was a UFO in the photographs overlooking Abercynon village."

Jane describes the object as "looking like a tanker", "huge", "with tubes coming out of it".

More recently the couple spotted an object over the sky above Dublin.

"We went to a conference in Ireland. We were coming out of Dublin on the dual carriageway and up in the sky was a helicopter chasing about eight spheres.

"We though it was a stunt. Then all of a sudden one sphere flew off and we thought, that's not normal."

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MCW said...

Where is the photo? did I miss it?

Hieronymus Braintree said...

Agree with MCW. If you're going to claim to have photos of UFOs, shouldn't you be obliged to actually show them?

I think there very well may be something to the UFO phenomenon, but this fails to meet even the most minimal standards of evidence. I call bullshit.

terry the censor said...


It's close up at 0:09 and way in the distance about 1:53. The idiots photographed a cloud that appeared rectangular from their POV and, unsurprisingly, then became somewhat circular in shape.

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