Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Helicopter takes a closer look at a Ufo? Garden Grove Canada July 28, 2010.

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Garden Grove, ca. July 28, 2010. We observed a stationary object in the sky at about 11:30pm at 33.781537,-117.903407. After ruling out the possibility that it was a star, a plane, and helicopter, we decided to record it with my sony dsc-h20. Object seemed to be emitting colored lights in no particular pattern or order. One witness, who was with me, claimed he saw several smaller round orbs around the object itself.

At beginning of the video, we noticed a plane or helicopter flying from left to right, almost intersecting the object, and at exactly 00:04 seconds into the video, we notice a "ray" or "laser" type object appear from the top right of the object, travel towards both the object unidentified and the plane, then disappear right before it neared the object. Object did not seem to move throughout the 50+ mins of observation, eventually, however slowly going out of sight behind some trees.
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