Thursday, January 14, 2010

Daylight Ufo sighting?

What are your thoughts on this controversial piece of day time Ufo footage?
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Anonymous said...

Please take this down, it is a complete fake. It is just lighting equipment either relfected or edited in.

You can see here

exactly what it is.

Anonymous said...

its fake its just lighting equpiment

you can even hear it moving

its one of these either reflected or edited in

Hellboy Sweden said...

where is this?probliby the classic "to good to be true" footage..

Anonymous said...

Obv. fake!

No real video would just stop like that after 20sec.

Anonymous said...

This is fake.. the dog barking is a recording. listen to it.

. said...

Not sure what that is... doesn't really look like a UFO.

Majestic12 said...

Obvious fake. The dog barking sound is looped. Can't believe people are stupid enough to fall for this and rate it so highly.

matt the artist said...

wow.......THIS IS AMAZING FOOTAGE!!!! can't wait to see the whole clip..... great start to 2010

Anonymous said...

At first this looked like a blimp but I am not sure.
My gut is saying this is probably a remote controlled object or even something hanging from fishing line and spun around.

If it is real, why isn't this video longer?

Anonymous said...

It's a fabrication. You can clearly hear exactly the same dog barking in the end as in the beginning.

Highly unlikely that the dog barks identically twice.

Anonymous said...

There's something odd about this looks to good to be true.

And how come we only get 24 seconds of footage?

Anonymous said...

oh quite fair with the comments below but this saying its to good to be true is ridiculous,ofcourse we can get very clear footage.its just that even the so called enlightened ones are skeptical of it !!
which is a damm shame as there all so knowing.

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